YouTube issues a New Strike against Alex Jones

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butch r says:

I just download the infowars app. 🙂

butch r says:

God Bless Alex Jones …… You guys Sux

Hector Villalobos says:

Wheres your proof old man ? Doing a lot of accusing but no hard evidence

g3ntile Jack says:

Lawl, this channel wishes it had a quarter of AJ’s views.

JPrivacy says:

I hate Alex Jones' channel as much as the next sane human being, but if YouTube's going to act like a publisher, they should admit to being as much.

GenesisPlanet says:

169 thumbs up 320 DOWN Bwahahahahaha!

GenesisPlanet says:

The ONLY Good thing about the blaze is Dana L. and She Should Go Elsewhere!

GenesisPlanet says:

Your just IN BED WITH GLEN BECK, WHO OF COURSE (and everyone knows) DOESN'T LIKE ALEX JONES….on Becks FLEDGLING Network. After jones, you're going to be NEXT To be Censored, because you are just PEANUTS in Comparison….So Called Patriots!

John Lennox says:

You guys sound jealous. Just saying. I listened to you every night for years. Can't do it anymore after the last election.

Gerald Keys says:

I never listen to the Blaze, now I know why.

Jefferson Ajayi says:

The blaze sucks. Notice how you guys have more dislikes than likes.

Sploshboy says:

aj alien how he knows.

William Browning says:

Alex is actually really spot on, he doesn’t deserve any hate tbh

Siiello says:

maybe if you listened to more of what he has to say instead of mocking him like an ignorant fool you would be less of a failure

Useless Intellectual says:

I agree… u should be banned too for promulgating it


😂😂😂 Alex Jones needs to drop dead. 😂😂😂

Wild1 P says:

Just unsubscribed. Another guy basically said the same for me.. He may say some crazy things sometimes, but the truth is ALOT "not all" of his content is real and true!!

Dead Mic Live says:

I am now officially unsubscribed from The Blaze. I know Alex Jones can get riled up but he has done more over the years to expose the truth than anyone at The Blaze. Who did more for getting the POTUS elected? I tried giving The Blaze a chance even after all the Trump bashing when Glenn finally came out and supported him but the hating never truly stops. Plus I just get tired of Glenn continuously bashing the truth movement because he still thinks 2 planes brought down 3 buildings on 9/11. How dumb can you be? I'm done.

Daniel Wissert says:

I'm with Alex Jones

Woogy 1 says:

Do you really want censorship? Love Jones or not the Blaze could be next. 1ST AMENDMENT BABY.

Woogy 1 says:

You make comments taking jabs at Alex Jones. Try fact checking the evidence he gives. Your just slandering Jones because he is kicking your behind in the ratings. Fact check.

J Figgs says:

This is why the blaze is tanking

project G.O.O.S.E.B.U.M.P.S. says:

Ok, guys, for all of you who are defending Alex Jones, I get it, he probably has some funny stuff, but that's all it should be. I'm not gonna hate for watching him, heck, I'd probably be laughing at this guy's idiocy, but if he's mocking a kid, and PUBLICLY AND INTERNATIONALLY PUTTING OUT VIDEOS OF HATE SPEECH FOR ANYONE TO SEE, I think it's time for him to stop before he does something that could get him in trouble with the law. In fsct, that whole Robert muller thing? He should be sued, I know u would sue him if I were a famous celebrity that just got accused of publicly raping kids!

Post Trump says:

Infowars is better bar none… Im glad The blaze is paying better attention to everything that is said even if they only report the "controversial"

Nick A says:

Conspiracy Theorist = Term coined by politicians to make those who dont eat up MSM's every word feel like outsiders. Fact.

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