Who Is The Rothschild Family & How Much Power Do They Have?

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As Saudi Arabia begins a new chapter under King Salman, Saudis and the world at large debate King Abdullah’s legacy. Was this king a champion for women’s rights like some claim?

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World Report 2014: Saudi Arabia
“Saudi Arabia stepped up arrests, trials, and convictions of peaceful dissidents, and forcibly dispersed peaceful demonstrations by citizens in 2013. Authorities continued to violate the rights of 9 million Saudi women and girls and 9 million foreign workers.”

King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Dead: What Did He Do For Saudi Arabia?

Unshackling Themselves

Room For Improvement: 5 Ways Saudi Arabia’s New King Can Address Human Rights

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Why Saudi Arabia Is Flogging A Free Speech Activist


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Miranda Jacobson says:

jews are not allowed to ask for interest on money they lend to fellow jews according to biblical laws… bankers do not follow those laws

verticalimit78 says:

I like this better

Mina Vallejos says:

they will never tell you how much money they have but guaranteed it’s a lot. They are well established and secretive for a reason.

Mina Vallejos says:

they could save all of Africa if they wanted too….but they won’t because they have a hidden agenda in which they focus heir power on

Matt gg says:

Privately owned central banks. Funding both sides of the wars. Seems legit..

schmirgo says:

Nice video but can you please try to pronounce the name correctly?

Cut de Pie Fails says:

Between this and the extremists pro blamers, the family is in the middle. They do have, still a LOT of power, in every corner or the world but they aren't god itself.


Roth's child control Trump !

MIlan Josifoski says:

Rotten idiots who dose not deserve to live I hope god will punish them for what thay doo to poor people and I hope hi relise some desis to get reed of those money hungry animals

Fash out says:

Only 500 trillion? Losers

rho690 says:

We don’t believe this video people are waking up to differences in the small things such UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and United States of America. So much deception and collusion… in this world

koscashcars says:

Shill much?

IronCurtainPrepper says:

Germany tried to stop the Rothschilds, we all know what happened to Germany.

meokbye says:

Who's this guy working for🎭

Definitely a George Soros funded bot says:

Thanks now this world, you just provided more evidence of them really being in control ironically, by lazily attempting to divert attention away from the fact that they are in control , and they probably control you too

Neon Productions says:

If this family rules the world and controls every war, why would they make Hitler kill Jews while they're Jewish, and if they do rule the world, why don't they just come out and say it so they can gain worldwide fear, and support. Not to mention the House Of Lords, Commons, Parliament and all the Senates in the world have the power to vote who gets to own the banks And don't you tell me it's orchestrated by the Rothschild

I feel like I will be called a Rothshild alot now.

Zeinab Ali says:

He was paid by them I stg there’s so much information missing

Aqeel Hussain says:

Good luck to them. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what you have in this world, everyone will end up in the dirt

Rene Gallardo says:

Blah blah blah, god bless you all and I love you all.

Anne Rhoads says:

Yes there Very very Rich and yes they are the founders of the luminaries started back when the country of GEORGIA was called by another name in the 700th century
SO GET your facts STRAGHT do not open Thu mouth UNTILL you know what your doing in the 700th century the were told by the king of the country to convert to JEWISH RELIGION and they did there not of true blood the name Rothchild on German means RED CHILD WHICH MEANS THE SON OF SATIN GOSH PEOPLE LEARN TO READ AND DO THE DAM REZHERCH OKAY

donnalioness 🦁 says:

Background music is maddening

Julian says:

Man, can we stop blaming Jews? What is this 1933?

Avitar Magnus says:

satan is the root of all evil the jews are his children

Avitar Magnus says:

Hunt them kill them as they are satans children sent to kill Gods Christian world AMEN

dieter maier says:

yes, I want to add to Alex Shuysky comment. Indeed Rothschild is a German Jewish family name, pronounced rot (as in wrote) & shield (as in shield) 1 word Rothschield is wrote shield is red shield same meaning as the Salvo's Red Shield appeal – GOT IT! Dieter Maier

V says:

Look at all this damage control LMAO. as far as wealth goes.. what about DEBT ? And gold / other valuable resources?

deepak62456 says:

in India Mukesh Ambani is a distant relative if Rothschild

Kevin Cody says:

Nice try, not buying. Nice video though.

William Klinke says:

The Love of Money is the Root of all evil

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