Truth About Consciousness and Spirituality: Part 1

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In this video, Luke Rudkowski meets David Icke on the Isle of Wight to continue their conversation from last year about consciousnesses and spirituality. This is part one of the conversation part two will be out tomorrow.

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Valmir Zoga says:

Luke im a dreamwalker, make a tattoo on your left forearm and new possibilities will open up Namastè

Z-Flat Major says:

I have a question I'm wondering if someone has any thoughts on – if we are all different points of perception of Infinite Awareness, why would Infinite Awareness, which knows everything, choose to become ignorant and trapped in five sense perception? I really admire Mr. Icke's work and have learned a lot from him – just trying to gain my own understanding of all this. Perhaps each of our souls were Infinite Awareness experiencing itself to the fullest and somehow became trapped by the negative forces? Or maybe it was a conscious choice of IA to come "here" and experience this?

FreelanceArt101 says:

Luke Rudowski should troll Academics who engage in eugenicism, #eugenics.

Jamie Harris says:

David didnt catch the frequency that the dude was sick of holding the mic and wanted him to hold it loool 😛

Kyle Clark says:

I learned so much from this, thanks for making this video.

nyneTV says:

fucking true


We're all prisoners of the planet earth (symbolically expressed in the Jewish Bible (Old Testament) in Genesis) and Buddhism. Caught in a perpetual cycle of birth and death.The whole matrix movies are all based on this Buddhist/Taoist/Gnostic theory and David Icke keeps saying something similar. The only thing they're (The Matrix/David Icke)not saying is how to break the cycle (the wheel of samsara/suffering in Buddhism).
Our bodies are just basically biological space suits/a vehicle for the continuation of consciousness as David rightly says. Unfortunately and unbeknown to most, we've had our energy bodies messed with and the 3 channels (ida, sushumna, pingala) which would normally free us have been blocked (granthis/knots) from naturally flowing keeping us centred bellow the diaphragm on lower levels of consciousness/vibration fields.This is why no matter how many times we read or tell ourselves that we are infinite consciousness it will not make a blind bit of difference.
How do we get free then?
Only by the use of esoteric breathing exercises and meditation.
"Since prana and mind are linked, prana follows the mind when guided by concentration; prana gathers when the mind focuses it.
And conversely the mind can be balanced and integrated by working with the prana through the use of controlled breathing patterns and movements that are linked to breathing.
When the prana is brought into the central channel, its essential nature- THIGLE/KUNDALINI or THE HOLY SPIRIT- is activated and enters the channels.
Dualistic mind is then overcome, and realization achieved."..
Quote from 'The Crystal and the Way of Light' By Namkhai Norbu.

Knowledge the accumulation of information is by its very nature limited.
All thought is time bound and in the field of measure. Energy functioning in a pattern becomes matter. Thought is matter. Any action born of noise produces more noise, more confusion. Acting from a silent minded thinking from a silent mind is completely different from acting from a mechanical mind.
Which is meditation.
What is the purpose of meditation?
The mind rides on the breath, control the breath you control the mind.
As a practitioner calms the mind through this sort of practice, the chi/prana will enter into the central channel eventually through continual practice release the granthis/knots that bind the mind to dualistic thinking and free yourself from the cycle of suffering.
If you do not learn how to integrate your mind with your chi/prana, you can practice for a thousand years and nothing will happen.
When a practitioner’s chi/prana enters the central channel, he will naturally give birth to an illusory body (a solar body of light as opposed a lunar body(reflected light) that we have now) and experience the stages of peace, love and light/ emptiness and bliss mentioned by the various spiritual schools.

Ritwik Patra says:

This guy is great.

Bizzle GTi says:

david you've sorted my brain out for 100000x time

chris georgallis says:

david you are a warrior, a true human being, thanku for yoir words of wisdom, deep down we all know from the heart.

chris georgallis says:

love and light to all of you.

ralphylad says:

As one of the many lucky few who has had a spiritual experience the result of this awakening completely dumbfounded me and still does to this day, for months I was never satisfied with life always looking for that grass is greener to reach fulfilment. Then boom it hit me seeing/feeling the universe as me and me as it all as one inside of me. people look at the physical world as out there when in fact its in here! experiencing the 'no mind ' state. Which is truly liberating seeing that 99.9% of our problems wether health, wealth or life situations come from our mind and preconditioning. becoming aware of my true self, that inner stillness so many would never believe is possible and I feel sorry for them. for they have never had that experience. Without being aware of it, you never know it exists. I only pray that i experience it again one day the goal should be for everyone to make it a conscious choice to take a few min every hour an just be. Forget the doing , you have plenty of time to 'do'
Simply be there wherever you are and become the observer of not only outer reality but also inner. Since they are nearly reflections of one another.

David Harber says:

'Their' 🙂

John P says:

Check out Galactic Federation…

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