Top 5 REPTILIANS Caught on Tape! Best Reptilian Shapeshifters caught on camera 2017

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Top 5 Reptilians Caught on Tape and the best Reptilian shapeshifters caught on camera. here is our top 5 reptilians have been caught on tape 2017

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Please watch: “Mystery Aircraft in Arizona Speeds past Two Airliners! (NEW UFO SIGHTING 2018)”



Sarah Adams says:

Don’t trust the snake. That’s what the Bible says.

Amira Soud says:

Omg that’s happen me all time ,,this with de eye

Holly King says:

why you didn't look at the the right side too it looks like th=ere 2 of them maybe 3 at the when Donald talking part n# 2

Vapauttava totuus says:

"Reptilians" are humans who have demons. Peace.

Lazy Tounge says:

I do believe in this type of stuff but this video is very poorly made and not good proof at ALL

Mazri Mazri says:

good stuff!

Mazri Mazri says:

2:06 omg!

Lubnan Pro says:

Crappy video… unclear footage… whatever!

Tommy says:


Daphnise Dany says:

This is scary

Jackson Smith says:

On the video of congress on the right side at the very back are 2 more. I don't know why they didn't zoom in on them.

Jehy Phelps says:

I think it's odd no one has ever been able to catch a reptilian full form on camera. Should atleast be one

Justin Strickland says:

Last one was a good find. Something is definitely up. And remember, never trust and edited comment 🤔

Adam Toth says:


Lisa Fancy Face says:

Don't you think in a room of people being filmed.. if someone was shapeshifting (on camera) that someone would make a fuss about it? I'm down for a good conspiracy theory, but this video is ridiculous.

reduce cotwo says:

My cat must be a shapeshifter, lol

Brian Andrews says:

Wow, mind blown! That shot of our government, you can see a few of them and that ain't a glitch. Crazy stuff!

mrs mcgregor says:

What about the Justin Bieber one

Jeff P says:

The glitch in the matrix and how to see it plus cloaked drone cloud ships mind blowing weaponized weather proof

rayhinto says:

In cases of demonic posession changing eyes are common. No wonder in an Nation where satanism goes public and the last 3 Presidents greets with the devils Sign mano cornuta.

Thank God that Christ overrule them all…

KamalaRaider says:


Go-go Akins says:

You have done fascinating work. I'm intrigued

name last says:

If they were shapeshifters, why no reaction from the people in the room? You're telling me nobody saw them? Or maybe you're just pointing out really dark skinned people that have a skin disease.

Altus Snow says:

While you may very well have the most damning evidence, proving conclusively, this subject to be actual reality. I won't never know, because the bitch on the thumbnail is too scary for me to watch. Plus Sesame Street is on in 6 minutes, no reptillites there. Just your standard subliminal pedo/homofobasexual programming to catchy tunes in a sing-along.

jiawen Ji says:

The United States of reptile

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