Super Rich:The Greed Game Documentary

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Finance and money documentary on Super Rich: The Greed Game.

As the credit crunch bites and a global economic crisis threatens, Robert Peston reveals how the super-rich have made their fortunes, and the rest of us are picking up the bill.


Kunal Kavimandan says:

What's the music on 3:09 ???

turblijura says:

Humans are stupid. ELIMINATE!!!!!

aaronwallerj says:

I just got stupider seeing the trailer for a new vin diesel movie just before this doc…. oh gawd…

JSavic says:

Oh God ! A documentary about greed presented by the Jew : Robert Peston.

Dimitar Margaritov says:

And what would happen if the Brexit is confirmed?

Janōsik says:

Can some1 kill S0ros?

M. Y. says:

too much music too much propaganda

Bobby A says:

All the billions in wealth means nothing, the rich are human life forms like we all are, they will die, they have blood running through their viens,, a human will live to 100 years old, tops…..

So when the rich die their silly bits of paper, money will mean s h i t..

I find the the rich comical, becuase they think they are Gods, and are arrogant about it,,,,, they are mortals, weak life forms on a microspopic planet, earth, in the vastness of the univers, their exsistance is no more than a termit….

jon chravel says:

pat mc coy is a prick. idiotic comment. why bother.

Pat Mc Coy says:

peston a prick

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