‘Sick in the Head’: Hilton Blasts Alex Jones for Battle With Sandy Hook Families

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As seen on America’s Newsroom

Steve Hilton blasted conspiracy theorist Alex Jones over his continuing legal battle with the families of children killed in the Sandy Hook school shooting.

MORE: http://insider.foxnews.com/2018/08/01/alex-jones-sandy-hook-conspiracy-theories-hilton-blasts-new-claim-against-families


Briley85 says:

Wouldn't it be nice, and by nice I mean journalistically responsible, if this aired in prime time. Ya know, when the viewership is comprised of the intersection of the Venn diagram depicting conspiratorial Alex Jones and Fox News consumers?

Not so much…

I also find it hilarious that the bulk of the negativity in the comments aren't even posted by left leaning people like me. Rather, most of the lampooning is from people who think this criticism is unfair rather than accurate and unnecessarily hidden. Go figure…

Fauxtography101 says:

Alex Jones needs to pick a path – if he's a character, admit it to your audience; if he's sincere in his convictions, own it in court. Enough of trying to have it both ways. Pick a path and own it!

Tristen Spindler says:

How much do the jews pay you PIECE A SHIT LIERS ? You are all fake news, worthless scripted ACTORS

Clint Eastwood says:

The Alex Jones believers here need to to show some respect for the dead. You are vile despicable people. Can't you leave grieving parents to themselves and leave them in peace? They are too scared to visit their children's graves!!!! Alex Jones should be shut down and bankrupted. He is the lowest of the low and his fans are often no better by spreading and perpetuating this

Carl Kocis says:

The Deep State is trying to shut down Alex Jones, who is a true American Hero. Hilton is a brit and should be worried about the repression of free speech in re Tommy Robinson, the whole bunch is a wrecking crew. Without Alex, Trump would never have won. He is a beacon of freedom and liberty and these NWO Globalist are spreading lies and supporting fake news.

mfb22510 says:

Love alex if you dont agree dont listen… People dont see if you censor him, then whos next. "I dont agree with what you say, but ill defend your right to say it"

John Capp says:

Wow is this FOX or CNN?! This is why I only watch Tucker Carlson!

Le Bowe says:

funny that they only show pictures of him, no video samples saying this or that lol

tri-u watersports says:

The lawsuits, GREAT NEWS!!!!!

Jett Townsend says:

Y'all have nooo idea what your talking about news readers at Fox News………

Greg Dobson says:


Samael Satan says:

Know why he's getting fucked over NOW with smearing and hit pieces? Maybe too much talk about the Global Psychopathic Pedo Elite?

Arthur Enos says:

FOX just joined Fake News! I feel like I'm watching CNN. These zombies with make-up on haven't looked into any of these things. 9/11 building #7. I'm done with the lies!

Carpe Diem says:

Wow. Kayleigh is a sellout now. Too bad.



tri-u watersports says:

This is GREAT NEWS!!! Dig Up the bodies and do FULL DNA TESTS. Dig Up the shooter body. All video, security, police, news, helicopters, students, parents, Facebook of students and parents. Look up PROPERTY TAX RECORDS, internet is saying someone PAID OFF ALL HOME LOANS , ON DECEMBER 24 OR DECEMBER 25 OR 26. CHECK BANK ACCOUNTS OF ALL STUDENTS, PARENTS, SCHOOL EMPLOYEES, CITY AND POLICE EMPLOYEES FOR PAY-OFFS?

Toyvo Tree says:

You media fags lost the election and you've lost at everything since. Lol. You'll lose at this and you'll keep losing. GO TRUMP!

The Ghost of John McCain says:

Well Alex did say Sandy Hook was "synthetic" and "completely fake" and mentions actors and such. Someone has the clip right on Youtube /watch?v=mkWAjaVlhHc

Izzy LaCrosse says:

On the net you'll see that Alex Jones' net worth is about ten million dollars. And he thinks the parents of the slain kids owe him. I hope the parents win every cent.

Kate N says:

Why is the internet scrubbed of all the sandy hook videos that prove it is not what it seems? Other crimes are allowed to be speculated about, but this one is not. Amazon banned the book “Nobody died at Sandy Hook”. They censor what they don’t want you to know…. “just keep watching reality tv and shut up”

Kate N says:

Ask yourself why people work so hard to silence those who doubt this official story. Why does the media focus on the emotions involved rather than the anomalies involved in it. The media should clarify and explain all the misinformation involved. Why does the police report state a different bullet entry to Adam Lanza’s head than the autopsy report? Show me a class video of miss Soto’s class at a school party…

Doomer Kkid says:

Freedom of speech?

bob builder says:

lock him up along with trump

Joseph Martelli 7777 says:

Delete this trash

Michael Waters says:

SORRY FOX. you are now FAKE NEWS. loved steve hilton's show, now i can't watch. Now will watch OAN only. Fox is the conservative alternative deep state fake news. So much wierdness about sandyhook. Why is it wrong to ask questions?

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