Secrets Of The Matrix – David Icke – 6 Hours Live in 2003

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Secrets Of The Matrix – David Icke – 6 Hours Live Live in 2003

Over six hours and with hundreds of illustrations, With over 6000 people in attendance, world famous conspiracy researcher and author David Icke reveals the truth about the illusion that is life in this “physical” reality and how this “world” is a provable illusion, just a lucid dream, and how we create it and how we can change the dream to one that we would like to experience.
Here he reveals that a network of interbreeding bloodlines manipulating through their web of interconnecting secret societies have been pursuing an agenda for thousands of years to impose a globally centralized fascist state with total control and surveillance of the population.

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Spiritual DNA says:

translate to video turkish please

O raftery says:

He made this speech before Donald Trump was elected lol

D Swans says:

I worked in banking where no one was suppose to know we existed, I love your jam jars idea, so fitting and true. Everyone should work in a bank for at least a year to understand the bull shit that goes on there, and I do not mean just a teller.

Raj Srivastav says:

I have ADD yet I can listen to David Icke speak for 7 hours and not loose focus….

Unbelievable how David can speak for this long !!!!!! Great man !!!!

DjElectrocute says:

Intro Track ID??

Emit Flesti says:

This is showing as not available to me!

Doplr says:

WHAT IS THE INTRO SONG, btw love this one the most. This is the first video anyone should watch.

Arthur Falcone says:

quantum physics proves what ancient masters knew matter doesn't exist the substance ofthe universe is consciousness therefore itis behavior that is important. you are the U in universe

Arthur Falcone says:


the one & only me says:

I gain knowledge from all your videos​, keep them comin…

Jan Pomianowski says:

super-lodge directly behind 9/11 is called hathor penthalpha, google it. more and more inside information are going to be public, as figures as high in conspiracy as brzezinsky is, are starting to blow the whistle (under pseudonym frater kronos).

stephon thomas says:

the thumbnail looked like a cheap music video from the 80's

Tina Frederiksen says:

I'm not able to watch it ☹️


what happened its saying not available ?

Lissa says:

Thank you David Icke.

M Ed says:

You are great David! Thank you!!!

George says:

Humanity is actually under the control of dinosaur-like alien reptiles called the Babylon Brotherhood who must consume human blood to maintain their human appearance. David Icke

Márk Sájtli says:


Márk Sájtli says:


Márk Sájtli says:

Rákos gecifasz bassza meg azt az istenverte faszkalácsot aki letiltotta ezt a videót.FÉLNEK ,HOGY KIDERÜL AZ IGAZSÁG!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jamie Dlux says:

damn! I love this! im really into Alan Watts, wonder if you listened to him in your past?

Cosmic Tuxedo says:

Technically only American born citizens can become the US president: so not all 270Mill — or whatever it was in 2003. But i know its a super corrupt system.

Branko Brankov says:

Thank you David for sharing the excellent knowledge with People. This is time to be or not to be and this knowledge helps People to wake up/fight back.

Vee Yang says:

plot twisted.. they put david icke to tell the truth about them and some people still dont believe it lol

Darth Graggus says:

Excellent lecture David Icke! I like to point out where I live that there is sign a couple of miles where I live it says 'America is Great'….I said to myself,"yes, great for having the largest 'coral' [political, economical, military,etc] of 'liberty' anywhere else on this planet". I say 'largest' because in theory it [USA] has more freedom than anywhere else…I suppose. kudos!

Arthur Falcone says:

david icke I love you and all you have done for us, the matrix is a dream away from the self.

stop eating animals says:

the comedy part where he's making fun of the president's I laughed my ass off.

Ibrica Slickrick says:

I would love it if somebody could please answer a few questions for me.
No offense to all you david Icke lovers.
1) How the fuck is it possible for a human to morph into a reptilian?
2) Wasn't Icke esoteric a.k.a Satanic (pardon my language) before? Like,
for example, considering himself a son of god.
3) Why does Icke do a esoteric/occultic symbol with his hand many times
when he speaks?
4) Why is the European Union portrayed to be the next nazi Germnay when
it is obviously not?
5) How the fuck can the American federal government belive in Satanism,
Fascism, and Communism all at the same time when all three are opposed
toward each other?
I got plenty more questions but I cannot take up too much time and
patience here and the ones that I mentioned are quintessential to
understand and answer.

Emperorlexiconbum says:

Everything David icke has said since Wogan and written makes more sense to my infinite heart of undying love for life, than the sham existence of destruction and deception, put up as a real life. i felt it as a child, and it grows stronger. The reason they fight so hard for us to be controlled, is that they are afraid how trully powerful the infinite love is in us all. From now the game changes, and this bullshit comes to an end, and true love always wins.

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