RT NEWS REPTILIANS! (Russian News March 2013)

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Here is just a sample of shapeshifting on this Russian news station, RT News. Sorry for the rough footage but I only get the channel in low definition. Even though the focus is fuzzy in some places you can still see clearly there is no other explanation for what we are seeing here, than shapeshifting reptilians. In my estimation although there are also insectoids (Luke 10:19 scorpions), most of the shapeshifting should be reptilians because the insectiods as I have heard have more advanced technology and are able to implant their spirit bodies into any human body, and thus do not need to shapeshift, but this is only speculation. But let me ask you: If you see these are actually not human beings, but are pretending to be, can you trust anything they say?

The heart of the evil in our world IS the reptilian race itself, and I deem that anyone talking about the evil of the world, UFOs, conspiracy, or scriptural truth in regard to these elements, but is NOT TALKING ABOUT THE REPTILIANS is a disinformation agent, knowingly or unknowingly. Therefore focus on the reptilian race, shapeshifting, their true form as humanoid, intelligent non-human creatures should be the primary focus of anyone working toward freeing the world from the Illuminati and all evil systems causing humanity to suffer. FOCUS ON THE REPTILIANS. IT’S THE REPTILIANS!


Smufter16 says:

"V"…the movie (and series)…wonder how much of this masking is a function of the cameras used in the studios?

jenny Trejo says:

I've seen this on my local news I believe

vjeran vlahovic says:

talmud calls them Archons…..old civilisatios depicted them as snakes and lizards and Christ is calling them pit of vipers.
Bože pomozi nam!

Megamans64 says:

What the hell are all those tumour looking things manifest and disappearing on her arm? Why does it seem like a lot of these reptilians hang out in the media….news anchors, actors, entertainers.

Trixter 66 says:

So Im wondering, if u were physically there watching her…would u see these anomolies? Or is it just the camera that can pick them up???


you guys need to watch{ they live} by john carpenter! it erie how they made a movie about whats happening right now and most people were to ignorant to believe it . should check it out ,could be true!

alfio verdi says:

All global mainstream is under reptilian control,wake up human people!

Todd Elliott says:

Bizarre. The hands move too fast. It's hard to tell at times, but those lumps…what? And the left side of her face was simply jacked up and not even remotely related to the right. It made subtle changes as well.This one is very thought provoking at the least. Scary

tmarie upstate says:

I am surprised we do not hear from the camera man. He must see this stuff all the time. Open your eyes America the evil will open up to us soon. Get right with your self an your family. And PRAY

RafNet says:

they use green screen tech to superimposethigns on top of actual video footage and sometimes they superimpose cutout anchor readers in realtime, thus the processing has to be super fast and thus is not always accurate therefore you will see glitches like this,  Thus you will rarely find these kind of vids shot by someones handycam or hd camera, or in rea life, they will say its cos it happens so fast

Donald Wears says:

HOLY SSHHIITT !!!!!!!!!!!

Tony Petrowsky says:

Not RT toooooo.aaauuughgh. Just can't get away from these things!!!

Ryan Navin says:

I guess her main perception cloak was on the fritz that day and she had to use the generic model for a day.

Ryan Navin says:

Whack! Hello this is not a human being its something using tech to fool the brain into seeing a human being but our brains are becoming resistant to this tech they better start improvising… but then again if we find out with that kinda tech they could just say bow down or your dinner…..


good work richard .I also opened a group on facebook for us to share our findings called " reptilian shapeshifters " https://www.facebook.com/groups/1515581851994234/?fref=ts

Tickle Or Fickle says:

At 6.16 when the eye socket turns very dark, she opens her mouth and her upper lip all but disappears.  I've seen this on shifters before and it appears to happen once they have begun shifting but are having trouble getting it back under control.

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