Reptilian Human Eating – Peggy Kane

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Peggy Kane discovered the truth of the reptilian human meat market that we actually live in. She did this by reversing the speech of reptilians she was able to pick up talking to her through ambient noise like a fan. She recorded their voices, then when she reversed the speech she discovered what is really going on, which is that humanity is currently a big human meat cattle ranch for the demons. Their motivation to corrupt us comes from the need to keep a steady stream of humans falling into their traps, so they can all keep eating them. As I have considered this, I believe it is happening along with souls descending into hell, and do not consider it a contradiction.



Steve Lindsay says:

you should research the drug Adrenochrome…which is the essence you so easily say without saying that consuming the oxidized adrenalin( Adrenochrome). they get this drug by drinking of the blood of someone who has been tortured and scared to death and flood the bloodstream with adrenalin and when they brink the blood it becomes an oxide. this drug is very valuable on the black market and can be exracted in a more pure way With a needle bit that also involves the terror and death the reason they use the children is correct they have a more pure energy and by energy I mean they pump massive amounts of adrenalin into rhe syatem and its a better high. the reptillians are not the only ones to do this oh no. this has everything to do with pizzagate and the elite on this pkanet as well. Phil Snieder was talking about this stuff in the 80s before they killed him. his videos are on youtube for everyone to see.

57♨️ says:

Spirit=principalities in which we fight

57♨️ says:

This is why Elon Musk wants to go to mars!

Elizabeth Di Francesca says:

Blue Zones, are Cattle ranches for the Reptilians they are herding people into these cult control zones and monitor everything they do and eat and focus on bringing them in with offerings of good foods, BEANS and greens for the reptiles stay away from BLUE ZONES and SAFE KIDS, SAFE PROGRAMS ARE NOT SAFE KIDS ARE BABY BAPHOMET GOATS

Ashley Diane says:

Wow wish I could sit down and hear her talk

Alabamian Alien says:

Reptilians are eating Tennessee children especially for food and using them as a food source because of their artificial genetics.

Definitely demons.

osaanri says:

This shit is way too interesting

Susan Marshall says:

Well GB is open where I live newbury berks England I'm in this situation right now,traitors here cover up the murders,whole family lines die,they rape openly in the street once you have been marked and pissed em off,they are like Mosquitos,if you give them permission they treat their hos real good,reject em using your free will boy they make things difficult,I have this reject who warned me about preaching the truth,saving me for last as their pin cushion they drink blood too just like parasites,no I'd heating medical or dental,most of them ho,s they get rid of at 55 I'm overdue struggling to stay alive,they use my pet dog they rape her24/7 I wish I was strong enough to end it for her they host to rape,I cannot beleive this quaint Berkshire town openly bids on humans comments about private parts of your body my house is riddled with em that pitiful growls whirling sound portals everywhere humans put out hot spots and avoid starve the bastards we cannot co exist some take on our personas as they are like parrots my neighbour showed his real teeth I've been around them so long fear no,we are just too in differant,il always have a problem with soul suckers avoid Berkshire England don't beleive look up Barry king peasemore and ill show you my scarred face you don't go on ships like they pretend it's military bunkers as a lab rat.

J B says:

I wonder how these 'reptilian' beings react to a single 'Hail Mary' or an invocation to Saint Michael Archangel… If they're demons, they will hate it and fled, especially if the mother of Jesus is invoked. This is the experience of Exorcists. It would be also interesting to research the reaction of 'abductees' when their victim call on Jesus or whatsoever.

Millyjack kahn says:

This stuff is real. I was arrested and accused of stuff years ago. Then taken to some under ground dungeon region. There was loads loud music playing, and it really looked like walls were changing shapes in front of me, then I got taken into another room. Where this guy sat opp me , 2 guys. 1 was Hindu he had eye on. His forehead it was just appearing there and disappearing. The other guy was white and his eyes were changing into reptile eyes, and his teeth changed shape. I can't remember what happened straight after and had phycological issues for few years. I'd take lie detector test any time !

Michael Jovan says:

You think this woman is crazy? she's not! Humans and Earth are nothing more then a resource! Why do you think thousands of people all over the world go missing? i'll tell you! they made a deal with the Elites of the world and said we'll let you have money and power and keep your love one's off the dinner table as long as you give us what we want!

jacquon nelson says:

They absorb your emotional energy, so it's good to your energy high and out of fear, they feed on fear energy/emotion

Lee Eplen says:

how was the "yeah, I'm a wolf Peg" quote captured? Who was recording the conversation?

Javier Mendoza says:

I for one welcome our Reptilian overlords…

Yaki Tok says:

The truth about the souls in undertale talks about this

Kimberly Macomber says:

Whether these things are aliens or demons or reptilians I really want to know for sure. Because all of this is blowing my mind I always knew something wasn't right with you Earth but come on I want to know what it is I want to know what is true and what isn't

Cole Porto says:

The Allies of Humanity Briefings clearly reveal the intentions, activities and methods of the alien intervention, and offer the greater perspective needed to comprehend this reality in the world today. If you are looking to understand the cause of Contact, and not simply the symptoms, look these documents up, they are free online.

Jason Knight says:

Wow. You so right.

Cameron Castleman says:

Rh- people are decendents of these beings right?

Susan Marshall says:

Real evidence,where I live Berkshire,it's openly done in the streets,no hiding police social services,landlords,cover it up,every day myself are hunted like animals,soul sucking I call it,the abuse is unbeleivable,they feed in many ways,their money grabbing is unbeleivable they keep all government money for their minions,no law is kept,humans are treated worse than any torture camp,while they smile in your face,have you any idea how many are here,trust me we are not the retarded ones,human women arnt so diseased they are sterile,and feed off our own pets,many who report this abuse are locked up one way or another,this gang stalking is the start of zombie apocalypse,their bodies are rotting under them,as they prefer soul sucking.

JunoJupiter GLRR says:

if people just would start asking questions… i mean, i am not the brightest guy but even me is feeling that something is wrong big time!
now i know and wanna shit on those filthy bastards.. killing our children!!

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