REPTILIAN ALIENS | Why reptilians (ETs) are real and I am not crazy!

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Reptilian Aliens – Why they reptilians are real and I am no crazy. Of all the conspiracy theories, or ideas out in the world, it seems that the Reptilian shape-shifting alien concept would make the top of the list of crazy conspiracy theories faulting in credibility. But is this alien theory as crazy as it seems?

From Baphomet, to David Icke, and all ancient cultures with dragons in their mythology, we deconstruct why reptilians or dragons are so prolific around the world. Why are dragons and demons associated with occult and secret societies? What do the symbols really mean and is there an NWO agenda?

Lead singer Billy Corgan once came out on national radio (Joe Rogan Show) to discuss his reptilian shape-shifting sighting. And what’s with the reptilian shape shifting YouTube videos. Can we take any of those conspiracy claims serious?

Perhaps some, and other not so much. What is true is that prominent psychologist Carl Jung made up a theory regarding a universal (anima) archetype, to try to explain away why dragons are so common in our culture, because it is a symbolic gesture of our primordial fear to snakes.

Interesting, but we disagree. There is too many specific weird coincidences that occur across cultures – Dogon tribe, Sumerians, Egyptians, Hopi Indians, and even the occult practices of secret societies like Skull and Bones.

Is this what this Illuminati knows? Could the reptilian truth be the biggest secret this planet has withheld from it’s one people. Perhaps the Old Testament | Revelations 13 was right when it spoke about a dragon with horns like a lamb that would deceive the rest of the people of the world.

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jxel says:

So do u think humans can turn … I saw this picture of my mom snd here eyes were slittled and i cant forget it i need some claraifaction .. it happened a while ago bit its really bothering me now and i cant take it .. im so scared rn i cant take it .

Alex Castro says:

Reptilian motifs might be ubiquitous due to humans natural revulsion to reptiles and reptiles exist on every continent humans inhabit. It's no wonder they are used extensively in mythology.

diane Durbin says:

Iv seen one … it was in my room . I woke up and saw it standing in front of my bed. I heard a voice tell me to rebuke it in the name of Jesus . I was told these are the hounds of hell by a voice in my head.. I think it was Jesus telling me this or an angel . This reptilian hissed at me once he noticed I

Freddie Montes says:

Love the way you explain your points! Great video!

victoria gardner says:

What a piece of work! Brilliant 🙂

BadwolfGamer says:

Our politicians are cold hearted like reptilians.

Ryan Smith says:

Nice job on the video. Just to let you know Dogon is pronounced D-oh-gone.

waypasthadenough says:

I think it's unlikely that the variety of craft sighted over the last several decades and indeed human history were made by the same beings/species/civilization.

Christian rebels and modern cowards:

Patrick Noble says:

Check out Colorado Bigfoot it interesting the structural work and some wierd stuff

Gerard Nijenhuis says:

Love your videos.

lawrence fleming says:

Well put together and one of my favorite topics .

Doom Punk says:

Different cultures sharing similarities across continents with mathematics, astronomy, architecture, it would make sense that a more advanced species traveled around the globe spreading knowledge to societies. The other question is: Where did all these cultures go? So many advancements, but no further progression in history. Fantastic work Felipe, it's always a pleasure to listen and hear what theories maybe plausible.

Dalam07 says:

There is a lot of information that actually proves this theory but none of those are facts, what I'm trying to say is that basically there are no real, tangible information that can prove it, as well as the UFOs. I would love to believe all of that is real but how can I when even with the technology we all have, we have not been able to capture a real picture of video?

The AR Guy says:

1st commercial at 12 seconds in….thanks youtube. Gotta get that money before Phillipe even talks, sorry bro…continue with the video

why shoe says:


dazzerstar says:

I believe in ufos and intelligent alien life, but there's simply no evidence for reptilians , and I'll justify my conclusions here. If we compare the retilian with say ghosts for arguements sake we have at least some tangible evidence for ghosts existence eg photographs ,cctv , video evidence strong credible eye witness testimony going back thousands of years , yet here isn't one video or photograph of anyone shape shifting into a reptilian not one! It's pure bunkum in my opioion, there should be some evidence, not just david Ickes so.

Bug says:

The popes building that looks like a reptile is interesting

xd Scaly says:

Great points but are we reptiles that haven’t gotten the knowledge yet

tozzarozza says:

The Australian Aboriginals creation story talks about the rainbow serpent, being the most important entity in aboriginal myth.

Mick Boisjoli says:

Spoke like dragons?

neonpop80 says:

Snakes and dragons are archetypal mental representations of energy..

A Turcu says:

They're working in the lowest levels of Area 51, so yeah, they're real.

Ernesto E. says:

I definitely believe in reptilians based on my own research. So I'm really looking forward to next vid on this subject. Great research n vid. Love your ch. From mid. Mich. USA.

Julie Anne says:

Anthropology fascinates me, there is an anthropologist named Robert Sepehr he has good videos on many topics. Today I watched a video from him explaining deities across cultures, coincidence ? I also learned that there was more than I had been taught while in college, since then I am always searching for more knowledge. I always enjoy your video's 🙂 Here is a link to that video

Mike Ben says:

You aren't crazy. It's an out-there topic, and regular people tend to try to shrug these things off – else they have to allow their belief to be destroyed and rebuilt, generally sacrificing your ego goes with it. Lots of people would rather just choose ignorance. Old people, for example, don't have the time left or opportunity to relive the choices they've made based on new evidences, and can deny it easily for that reason alone. Anyways you put in a good effort at articulating everything. It can be hard and frustrating to try to validate yourself to those who don't want to search the same way you do. Just to add to your armor. Keep on ✌🏻

mauriboy says:

Humans have been worshiping Satan since day one.
Awesome work Felipe !

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