Prince Charles: Holocaust ‘unparalleled human tragedy’

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The Prince of Wales describes the Holocaust as “an unparalleled human tragedy and an act of evil unique in history” in a speech at the Holocaust Memorial Service in London

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Thomas Drowry says:

Jews are the world's new aristocrats, even European royals have to bow down to them.

smalltown 777 says:

Prince Charles is a good man. i wish all the worlds leader had his wisdom.

woogyone says:

Speaking of the lessons learned from Hitler & the Holocaust by the Nazis, here are some facts:

Jew Hatred % of total text:

Meccan Koran: 0.99%
Medinan Koran: 16.9%
Total Koran: 6.7%
Sira: 11.8%
Hadith: 8.9%
Islams Grand Ratio: 9.3%

HItlers Mein Kamf: 7%

Good Speech prince, now are we going to do something about it? or wait for some more bombs, terror & beheadings before we ban Islam as a religion once & for all? Saudi Arabia has banned Christianity & Judaism so I don't see what the big deal is. oh.. thats right, I forgot we still have a bunch of pussy ignorant politicians who are in la la land, who want to keep patting the wolf in sheeps clothing

Boba Fett says:

Why so much focus on the Holocaust? Why the Compartmentalization of Victims? Why not state that ALL WARS ARE TRAGEDY, ALL LIVES ARE PRECIOUS.

The real tragedy of the Holocaust is to make the world believe Jewish lives are more important than the rest-

kickracistarse says:

"an unparalleled human tragedy"!!? I reckon the 20 million Russian slaughtered by the Nazis in WW2 might dispute that or the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians slaughtered by Israeli Zionists. What about the 6 million Vietnamese slaughtered by the US or the millions slaughtered by the west in the ongoing war against Muslims and the Middle East?
The world is sick of Israeli Zionist scum using the Holocaust to justify their slaughter and attempted genocide of the Palestinian people. Fuck the US and Israel. They are the real terrorists and warmongers.

benjamin woodrow says:

And he had relatives that were no doubt involved in the killings what a farce

BC Viking says:

What a fucking twat !! What about the Holodomor that was committed by bolshevik jews like Lazar Kaganovich and Genrikh Yagoda against the Ukrainian people? Just look up these 2 jewish monsters , they make hitler look like the Dalai Lama . Way more people died in the Holodomor than the so called holocaust !  

mr.superbafrango says:

we did not do it ……..not only jews suffered in it….this all stinks of a political agenda t me!

Daw3afelmaneje says:


SHEEPY 14842 says:

Prince Charles you are a hypocrite 🙂  and no Zionist Israeli have no animal rights they worse than beasts !

happosai27 says:

there are more than enough examples of worse human tragedies -_-

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