NBC 4 REPTILIANS (June 2013)

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NBC the dragon network.


Kailley-mae Dennis.j says:

Ooook.. I might have my head torn off..for saying this but… not all.. are evil I know .. hard to believe right? Welp.. I I had a shift.. my proof long gone years ago on my old pink D.S.I it was S apost to be my first selfy but things went crazy from there I have had bit a person but self defence by a human bully what can I say? I was pined but I do not eat nor have I bit a human ever again I swor an oath… I'm not gonna lie there are meny retilien that are evil demonic even and twisted in the head but I'm living proof there are good reptiliens and sorry if i mix words up my auto is going hay wire as I'm telling you all this.

Fritzcat Barr says:

Check out cops fingers at the 12:00 mark. They freaking glow and change shape!

Phillip Matthews says:

in one of your videos ( early helicopter one ) , you can see reptillians looking at you . their teeth and full face and everything . they look very cowardly , they have a heart under each arm and a soft spot in their groin but they are very sensitive on their back . these are the attack points , attack and run , attack and run and you will kill it . or throw them in pit and stone them too death , for crimes and atrocities against humans and the planet . rather pathetic creatures , just kill them as it is not murder it is self defence against an alien lifeform no different than stepping on a garden lizard .

ED Diaz-54 says:

They live body snatchers.

Julio Arroyo says:

We live in a reptilian lab rat , they eat us specially children if you had no idea im sorry men it is a real shoker!

Felix Betancourt says:

Reptiles won't eat humans that smoke weed, everyone fire up.

Lawrence Kpokou says:

Is this is real,why they show their reptilian teeth during slow motion?do they control it?

David Phillips says:

There's a little who drowned and JESUS showed him some things,but one that got me was that JESUS told him backfore world war three demonic aliens would come and eat humans,look on YouTube for 10 year old drowned and came back,,he died 16 years ago at 13 because complications of the drowning.When evidence piles up from different places talking about same things at different times,,it makes you think.

Magikal Maiden says:

Some of them actually like us humans and do not want to hurt us . They also wish they were human …While others do not like us at all . The good ones just want to live along side us and not cause trouble and will mingle with us . Others will not .

Tee says:

hahaha I dont kno who that girl was @ 300 sec. with the braces but she has no lips an she was ugly" She probably was a lizard!😂😂😂😂

SurvivalHorrorJunky says:

Hey brother how long had the gang stalking going on? I found your channel recently and see it's been on going in since 2014. hope you're doing well and keep up the videos good stuff here!

Tweeeety says:

When all reporters on CNN start blinking 6 times a second, you know they are losing control. Watch CNN . Very closely. All of m are creepy liers


On the NBC cop mole guy, also look at how his ear hides his sunglasses, then doesn't like you can see right through his ear, then back again. wierd.

toriz551 says:

They think that by adding a ton of contrasts and sharpness in some frames they can fool people…

muscles says:


Ryan Repay Chase says:

hey Richard why dont you have a look back at some Michael Jackson videos and try to find something on him, he always seemed to have troubles with his surgeries and it seems odd after seeing all these reptilian videos ( fake or real ) but would be interested to see something about him and if you can catch anything… I share a lot of your videos on my Facebook account so it would increase your view count to do something like that. Thanks for your time in all this and good luck with your movement.

Ian Blake says:

One thing, too, that is interesting on these news clips is that sometimes the interviewee will know their form is breaking, by feeling or by feeling the nervous energy around them, and they'll start to blink and squint more and move their head so as to not be seen.

Ian Blake says:

Also you have to put into account that frame rate affects the videos, sometimes making teeth seem elongated and sharp because the frames are "lagging" if you will. I'm positive the Obama/secret service video is real, because he isn't moving and Obama moves in to cover his face, which seems like he's trying to hide the reptilian "leaking out"

Ian Blake says:

Do not just watch these videos and base your belief off of them; do research. It may be easier for some, since I have friends in my college who are possibly and probably reptilian (after seeing changing eyes and hearing foreboding things). If you want to talk to a suspected reptilian about them being reptilian, make sure you always stay calm and assure them by being indifferent to the fact.

Hor Zol says:

not demon this is alien, reptilian!

snippletrap says:

Not all holographic people are reptilians. Not all angels are fallen. I don't think Danielle Bradbery is evil, even if she isn't 100% human.

Nathan Forester says:

Eh, I see people who are able to do that all the time.

Louis Bel says:

not reptilian they are possesed

Jude Belgarde says:

Human Animals better known as reptilians are living among us.Let us destroy them before they destroy us. They are animals disguise as humans. let us kill them.

Chris Rod says:

Why are these people reptilians?

Dr. Doolittle says:

Our government is runned by lizards…oh

Stephen buonopane says:

Omg that one frame where the black (thing) is hugging the white lady I guess she is she looks so demonic ! It's really hard for me to BELEIVE THEYE anything other than demonic of the fallen angel bloodline .. And I've seen the full interview by David icke of that woman that witnessed their rituals and it's really scary shit ! I am praying all gods children except Christ open their eyes and this stuff becomes fully revealed ! We are definately being deceived on a huge scale and enslaved ! Hold tight to your faith my brothers n sisters it's gonna get worse before it gets better .. I wanna see one of these things fully revealed !!

Steven Marc says:

That black lady looks like a voodoo head!!!

Uncle Creepy says:

I'm part reptilian I have a huge trouser snake

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