Liechtenstein Royal Family: Illuminati?

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Is the Royal Family of Liechtenstein Illuminati?

I think not. Blue Blood snobs don’t consider the Liechtensteiners as “Royal” (excerpt from a forum posting) and given the nature of the Liechtensteiner’s stolen Ducal Crown (designed to protect against evil and poison) and that the Satanists have the Missing Crown of Liechtenstein, it doesn’t appear the Liechtensteiners are Illuminati.


Nacho says:

Illuminati is fiction like Aliens. I'm surprised people still believe in that stuff. People just want to scare others I guess with lied and stupidity

Arcturus aReaganDesignee says:

just a general comment on viewing the comments that have piled up here in my absence:
The point with this video is I don't believe the Liechtenstein Royals are part of the scheme involving the stolen Crown, more like victims. And I think that due to the origins of that stolen Crown (i.e. the Rudolphine Court reasoning on gemology), it should be taken away from the devil worshipers who have it. It's more important to eradicate the devil worshipers & turn the planned conflict to those responsible.

Arcturus aReaganDesignee says:

petitions and begging aren't going to get us anywhere….

I can't remain this way indefinitely.

Arcturus aReaganDesignee says:

Those who are capable of spreading the word on the streets should do that.
It's complex answer as far as myself. I won't get very far if I step out into the streets right now. I can reach more people who are capable of spreading word on the street by continuing on the net. At least for now.
I can't prove what I say about being involved in this via MKULTRA, but I can hurt the traitors by getting my story to circulate at street level cuz it is true I talked about it 14-17 yrs ago on the street.

dogfightvj says:

so yeah, illuminati exist, but shouldn't we try to go out and spread the word on the streets and the news instead of doing it here on internet?? on internet only people who care about it and those who are half aware or those who want to bother someone are going to come and listen, and half of those are the ones who only came to bother so let's discard them, we need to do something more

Hans Knup says:

So much miss information.Inbreeding? There was a jewish princess also a black princess and a black prince.The only Royals that are not financed by the state,but are the largest Tax payers
in the country.Well educated Business men in Banking and other enterprises .Famlly owned
Ricetec in The USA with large Landholdings in Georga Alabama Mississippi and Texas.
A good Family that really cares for there country and population.

mommyis9 says:

humans awake. all of these so called monarchy families are intermarried and inter bred. researchthis.

Adrius says:

What about Luxembourg? I read about them I think they have a lot of corporate control in their nation and San Marino? The small Italian kingdom, looks like its the remnants of the Samnite people , a Latin Tribe who fought the hardest against the Romans and Etruscans, I don't know for sure.

Arcturus aReaganDesignee says:

@MeatstickRob88 – Well said. Thanks.

Adrius says:

We must all realise that not all Monarchies are bad! Malevolent monarchies were the majority in Europe but their were some Benevolent Monarchs who never expanded their power through war, but through trade, who never expanded their power by killing other nobles but made deals, who always kept their people fed with few poor, who always only fought a war in defense against aggressive empires, like the Republic of Venice but then again they were with the Holy Roman Empire

Arcturus aReaganDesignee says:

@ahamatmabrahman – Thanks

ahamatmabrahman says:

@aReaganDesignee We see a great deal of ( well deserved ) enmity against the British ( German ) royal ( so called ) family yet the Liechtenstein flag bears a crown but the UK flag does not Both countries have the same national anthem Old barges displayed at The Maritime Museum London UK ( gold leaf decoration and red velvet upholstery ) -: The royal barge is smaller and less ornate than the fanciest barge ( The barge for the 1st citizen AKA yes you guessed right)

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