James Risen on Obama and government corruption

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President Barack Obama’s lengthy record of prosecuting whistleblowers and targeting journalists speaks for itself, according to Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist James Risen. Speaking to RT’s Thom Hartmann and Manila Chan, the famed New York Times journalist outlined multiple instances of the government cracking down on dissenters, and also explained how special interests work the system for their own financial and political gain.

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Andrew Jon Thomson says:

Just a little historical update, The Obama administration ended the Bush-initiated persecution of James Risen later that same year.

downtourth says:

The U.asS. Administrations are all "Transparent". One with half a brain can see right thru their God Damn Lies!
James Risen is an American Hero!

rainbo5250 says:

This is SO INSANE!

Eric Holder?


Such an offense is punishable by JAIL TIME,….especially when those very weapons were used to MURDER AMERICANS!

Holder should be in charge of NOTHING, and be sitting in JAIL CELL for the crimes he has committed.

As for the rest of the lunatics who sneak, lie, cheat, steal and collude with one another at Bohemian Grove and have infiltrated our government,…….YOU BELONG IN THE VERY FEMA CAMPS,….. you built to put the citizens in!


This HEROIC man should be given an award for his moral compass, and his belief in the TRUTH, for the benefit of HUMANITY!

fantasy0coach says:

Intelligence agencies are above govt, they report to central bank owners. The pay is better.

bob .right says:

I am over 70 years old I remember freedom. It was not the Russians, terrorist or criminals that took our freedom. It was the corrupt politicians & the lazy ass psychopath policemen that took our freedom. So the main enemy of the USA people & their Constitution are the politicians & the lazy ass psychopath police officers we have today. With the war on drugs . they have destroyed the lives of millions of our young people. They have destroyed the young people freedoms.

Mitjitsu says:

If every leader seems worse than the previous one, then that must mean there is something systemic going on.

Locked says:

Scumbag Corporate Government's of our Western so called free world
we sux & everybodies else see's it so when will we lol
When it affects us personally & thats the TRUTH

slhines7 says:

I often wonder why she wears these fake ass glasses.

Lag Swag says:

All of this information is easily known with little research, the people at the top have been doing it sinse nixon

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