It’s Trump vs. Cabal: Light vs. Dark forces? Game on !!!!

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The Showdown at the OK Corral is Trump vs. The Bad-Guys-in-DC However, Trump’s not alone. Cinderella (Steve Bannon) show’s up at Trump’s doorstep “the day before” the Republican Convention. Neither, nor their connections, have government experience. So it’s David vs. Goliath. It’s the Light vs. the Dark Forces. It’s a real battle. The Light Forces will be reinforced by the Light Alliance. The question is: How much Light is there, or will there be, on the Trump Side? This video provides an answer.
****** Sources *****
1- The Bizarre Far-Right Billionaire Behind Trump’s Presidency
By: TheRealNews
Published on Jan 13, 2017
When all seemed to be falling apart for Trump this summer, one shadowy billionaire offered up his own massive political infrastructure, which included Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway, and saved Trump’s campaign from demise

2- Light Alliance Info

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eddie Dahlgren says:

I feal Sorry for you. You seem like you want whats right! You have it backwatds. The main stream media has blinded you. Bush , clinton , bush , obama were all the same. Bought by the deep state. Trump works for you! Isis gone! Economy strong!unemployment lowest in 40 years! I love you fellow Americans. The storm is coming. Now the real work begins and the deep state puppets WILL go down. (Hillary , obama , McCain) join the great awakening. Turn off main street media and do your own research. They want us to fight ( dems vs Republican) i love you kno matter what side has put you to sleep. I love my country and if we stop fighting Q will get it back for us!.

Clark Abbott says:

It's over for america, earth is not needed much longer. What you see is not what you will get.

Robert Buonopane says:

I like your videos but you're way off Queen Elizabeth owns 80% of the world and I don't believe that the Pope's a good guy either

Johnny B Good says:

Jorge Bergolio (pope Francis) is "a good guy"? i suggest you look into pope francis's background during the dirty wars. Tom great video 🙂 thank you

John Lyons says:

Hi there, could you please do an updated version of this with current info? perhaps focusing just on trump not being of the cabal? and shorten the explanation of the cabal/ background? thanks!

Carol Bush says:

Lets talk about crop circles.  Stay away from the politics.  I don't hear you tell the truth about the bad guys and what they are doing against the people.  Obama was never fine.  He is not a US citizen, has several names, is the real sociopath and a  complete fraud.

Mike Moore says:

The pope is good ? Really ?

Glen Weisgerber says:

Your concepts are very interesting but the fact that you are against Trump and Pro Hillary is mind boggling. It's interesting how Benjamin Fulford and David Wilcock are on the opposite side of the coin of what you're saying. I think I'll go with their explanations way over yours.

dogwoodhill777 says:

I heard a report that he went around the burial ground and the ticket for the Dakota pipeline

Dxtyj Yftghj says:


Joey Convery says:

You explain this so simply and perfectly…Thank You!

Save The Republic says:

I think you are genuine but you seriously think the democrat party isn't an integral part of the cabal? That's beyond insane! Hilary Clinton wasn't a cabal candidate? Hilarious. Yes the Republican party is cabal garbage but so is the democrat party. They even may be more so. The elite media and the democrat party work hand in hand for the cabal. There is no such thing as two separate political parties. It is a hoax.

You seriously believe Obama was ok outside his middle east policy? Wow!

John Dziadyk says:

you had me going for awhile Tom… once you called oboma and hillary as good, then call Trump as bad…. your outta your freakin mind! your just another paid shill, I hope everyone reads this and does their own research with your other vids and sees just what you truly are…a propagandist (60% truth and 40% lies)

Aigars Liepins says:

it is very, very, very hard to believe that putin is somehow connected with "good/light" alliance after what he did with russia, Ukraine etc, etc, etc, after all his pre president era criminal activities etc etc etc. I do not believe in this video.

Dennis Guillemette says:

Everybody has to keep taking matters into there own hands and to not trust anything that the zionist pedophile satanic corrupted federal law officials like judges, lawyers, media, professors and scientists who were only created to protect the very criminal elite and rich pedophiles and canibals in all top positions to continue to harvest humanity and there children for there zionist satanic perversions around the world. God bless everybody and expose all these satanic zionist rich to those who are still asleep or brainwashed by all involved with the federal zionist pedophile organizations.

Ascension to the Fifth Dimension says:


David Miranda says:

I'm sorry Tom but I don't agree with you so can somebody tell me why Donald Trump against Venezuela sovereign country? we all know that Venezuela has the more largest resources of petrolium. this corrupted government are doing the same thing that they did with Libya Iraq Yemen Somalia so on it's all the same b***** why the light Alliance didn't say nothing or pronounce about that that's imperialism. Donald Trump says that he's gonna put Back the glass-steagall law What happen with that, I Don't Trust this goverment either.

Jaded Optimist says:

I don't believe all of the underground bases are destroyed. I will know we won this war when the chemtrails stop.

Ascension to the Fifth Dimension says:

Colleen Johnsen I gotta say that the closest Date to the ascension to the fifth dimension so called heaven, it's not a months away but in fact it's gonna happen in 2020 I've been researching for the date with real contacted people around the world with psychics, and with people that is already with a high spiritual evolution and consciousness that know exactly how dimension and aliens works. They know the date but they are not allowed to say it, but everything is aligning with between July 2020 to December 21 2020 one of this 2 months in 2020 is when bits gonna happen and it's very coherent because we are in the time we're people who understand what's gonna happen like us hace to spread the message to our brothers and sisters to try to save as much vmas we can because OUR INFINITE FATHER CREATOR doesn't want to loss a lot children's sons and daughter
And the truth is that to wake up the 7 billion of people that are ignorant about all this, 3 years is very little time

Philip Freeman says:

Trump is doing a MUCH better job than b.s.

Quannah Winfrey says:

and eat them too ya

Quannah Winfrey says:

wow its all coming tooo an end
its all ready bin riten

Marvonjoh Wiorjo says:

The knowledgeable source is Larry Nichols. 28 years in world show experience.

Donald Joers says:

Nice dream you have, but in my research I see nothing changed. They are still drilling underground tunnels. They are still moving in UN Tanks and weapons into every state for Marshal Law. They are still converting Walmarts and drilling tunnels underneath them. What proof do you have that the Reptilians have been taken out? The Pope is the most evil man and look what evil murder ring and Pedophile ring he ran as bishop the numbers are still coming in. Trump is all apart of it look who is in his cabinet all of them Khazarian Fake Jews and Zionist who are running the world. You sound like a Unity Church Leader which was founded by a very high Freemason. Deception was the name of their game on innocent people.

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