INfocus – Paedophilia: Britain’s Dark Secret

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How far and widespread does institutional child abuse really go in Britain? Following the Sir Jimmy Savile scandal, there was a floodgate of allegations against the disgraced entertainer. This had led to a number of high-profile people being accused, people spanning across the world of celebrity but perhaps more shocking, the world of politics and government.

Institutional pedophilia was consigned to the comments sections if the Internet, a place only thought of as conspiracy, wild rumors and unsubstantiated facts. But as the months and years have passed since Savile’s death in 2011, conspiracy theories have turned into probability. The sheer number of accusers and the allegations aimed at some government officials, MPs and the police have raised serious questions. Even the authorities have confirmed that Sir Cyril Smith was a child rapist and abuser.

But what about the victims, the people too scared to speak out and those that did, vilified as damaged people that can’t be trusted. The powerful celebrity climate of the 1970s and 80s and the lack of child protection seemed to be the perfect environment for calculated institutional pedophilia.

In this episode of InFocus, we travel across Britain speaking with child abuse survivors, family members and experts to find out what happened in Britain and how far the allegations really go.

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Ruth Lyons says:

So names, stories for years released. Pedophiles get less time than smoking a joint would get us!

Fakey Yoi says:

Sorry , no fan of the Iranian Government . Out of here

David Alexander Forde says:

"Tell me where the true English-looking are, where have they all gone"?

Arthur No Sheds Jackson says:

Shit quality upload. Thumbs down.

Pommie bears says:

I wonder if this presenter will be reporting on the Muslim grooming gangs too! I doubt it very much…..seems no one wants to actually report on them. But, I’m still humble enough to appreciate ANYONE reporting on child sexual predators…..I just wish the stories reported weren’t so cherry picked!

Alison Hilll says:

nothing new heard it all before

Sannyasin Nataraja Dj Mane I Am says:

Just before any American/ Russian officials visit the netherlands & Prime Minister satanist pedo Rutte … they realy must see this video's …
Dutch Injustice: When Child Traffickers Rule A Nation
Child Killing by Royalty, Soros: Eyewitness
FLOW OF WISDOM: Human Hunting Parties, cops, judges, social workers linked to child-trafficking 2/2

navylaks2 says:

Considering that child maraige is legal in Iran make's this sound like a Monthy Python sketch;)
Maybe the reason why Press Tv know's about Britians pedofile secrects is because they have provided sexual services to them

Johnny Smallcock and his vile tasting toffees says:

He knows what he's got and how to flaunt it.

Mohammed Bedsapour says:

This is why they let Choudhry out and this is why they jailed Tommy Robinson. They are frightened of being called out of the dark world they live in. Look at the doc on YouTube The Devil Of Little St James. Look at Andrew Norfolk investigative journalism. As long as Thatcher and May covered up violent sex with children by Sir Hayman head of MI6 and Head of Secret Service Sir Havers all other child rapist feel free to do as they please including releasing 23,0000 muslim terroists into the UK.

jeanette Hinds says:

This kind of horrors will only end when people are prepared to be brave enough, and name names. Not covertly or in code. Plain simple English. It's secrecy and fear that empowers pedophiles.

KingFluffs says:

Kevin was spot on the ball I believe. The fact that his brothers files were "damaged" and "vanished" scream cover-up.

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