Illuminati Secret footage leaked from masonic lodge

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tony mitchell says:

FAKE. If this was invented by "Christians" to malign Freemasonry, they are no better than anyone else. They are worse. This is completely FAKE. Whoever made this up is disgusting. If you have to make things up about Freemasonry, there is something seriously, mentally wrong with you. I am a Christian and a Freemason, and NOTHING like this ever happens, ever. NO such luck. Maybe some Masons had a party and hired strippers, sure. It happens. But in a Lodge? no way. Completely fake.

David Galvan says:

High quality silent footage. Hey, where do I sign up for membership?!!!!

Travis-2313 says:

Is that Caitlyn Jenner?

Leo1239150 says:

this is some sort of mildly erotic dance. Their are lots of weirder kinds of dance performance out there, trust me.

pistolpete1911a1 says:

LOAD. OF. CRAP. , I'm always amused when people who are not freemasons, try to tell me about the secrets of freemasonry, when I am a 32nd degree freemason, whose family has been in the lodge since the beginning.

Tamy Correll says:

women really need to get their act together & start respecting themselves

Tony Jones says:

Who edited this shit? Its fake, but I do believe this stuff does go on, just only with lil boys dancing

StarAngel says:

Hey!! i got a idea guys!! Instead of poker tonight………….

Creation Founder says:

Screw you Willy and the 3 legged horse you rode in on 😛

Creation Founder says:

I want to build me some of these! Yeah, woohoo!

Jason M. Farrant says:

so ? can you show/ get anything about details of their meetings.

Electro says:

Dance of the serpent. A true Illuminati dance.

john kirk says:

This is so obviously faked. look closely at the three presiding figures. They have been cropped in.

FTL says:

Ha Ha Ha. Extremely flexible for an older woman. Are all her substitutes (and if her age or older) as flexible or have to be as flexible as her.

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