If You Don’t Control Your Mind Somebody Else Will – The David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast

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If You Don’t Control Your Mind Somebody Else Will – The David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast

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Xarumancer says:

Infowars. Com. Trump 2020. CNN is fake news.

I am the cat says:

I love this guy

Erasmotronic says:

And they would say deep entrenched mind control are values and principia.

Fair-Is-Foul& Foul-is-Fair says:

Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.

Wolfgang Buck says:

Wernher Von Braun worked for Di$ney too!

Wolfgang Buck says:

Are you talking about the Frank Sinatra Manchurian Candidate or the Denzel Washington one?
Don"t guess it matters. They are about the same. $hitty.

Ground breaker says:

I won't be hypnotized by the MSM BS. I have my own mind thank you vary much.

Ground breaker says:

Why is it that you never hear allegations about this in the MSM.?

Ana Mil says:

why is the intro SO MUCH louder??

Beverly Pearson says:

Absolutely true n nice to hear u say the same as me xx luv you David Icke xx

brent pieczynski says:

While being a dirty minded man, wearing a plaid pleated schoolgirl pattern skirt and a Fruit of The Loom branded Sport Leisure Bra. Enjoyed your not being certain of being able to use the terms of, Boys and Girls being Ok. And I have a web-page on Tumblr found here, <http://brentpieczynski.tumblr.com/&gt;, complete with reference to Sissy-Baby Dress and ABDL-Themed Adult-Incontinence Garments. So enjoy thoughts of something stinky, such as politics supplying false variety of choices.

Kurrdt kobain says:

Anyone else noticed how many of Dave's video's have 'comments disabled' !!

Kyoyin Shirui says:

What does "CONTROL" mean: Power over someone. The power to influence someone's actions: If you don't do this: This and this will happen. If you don't go to school, you won't have a job. Not true, there is always work. And if there isn't you just need food to live.
So what is the system?
How much freedom do I have.
Can I go for a walk? Yes.
Can I have food? Yes.
Can I.. play video games? Yes.
Can I find a job I like? Yes.
Can I practice drawing? Yes.
Can I meditate?
Can I learn new things? Yes.
Can I say no? Yes.
Why can I learn new things? The system has given me information. Free access to internet. Google is giving me FREE access to internet with tons of information.
I know what meditation is because of GOOGLE.
What does the STATE want me to believe?
Fake news, is fake NEWS. It's not an attack to alternative media. If you simply don't know how to look for news on Google, I will teach you. What is IT what you want to KNOW. Type it in GOOGLE search.
What is critical thinking?
Find a book about Critical Thinking and read it.
Want to invent something? Good luck, if you aren't a genius, you can't invent anything, and we aren't taught how to be inventors in school, instead we are taught repetition and storing information. We aren't even taught, what a genius is. I don't know what a genius is, someone with exceptional imagination, creativity, amazing ideas, and talents. You can create , creativity by art, creation, we aren't taught meditation, we aren't taught much things. We aren't given a computer and how to use it. We aren't taught new scientific advancements in school, we don't even try to implement ideas in schools. What is AVERAGE. Simply being retarded? Why can't everyone understand relativity theory? WHY? Because teacher's fail to represent relativity theory to kids to understand, if you want to explain relativity theory, we need a visual representation, the general laws working on the universe, how a system relates to another system, how it interacts with each other, et cetera. Was I taught this in school, I was watching boring movies, lame ass boring movies in school, we weren't taught the philosophy of anything, we were just wasting time. School is a waste of time. We aren't allowed to start our own projects, we aren't getting help with our own ideas, we aren't assisted well enough, teacher's are too critical, students are bored of course.

But this is only my personal experience, what about a rich parents school, my mom isn't very intelligent, I am slightly above average I think, but that's only with my knowledge, I read a lot. What about visual-spatial ABILITY? Well I have a very poor ability to rotate objects in my mind, my imagination is dull and vague, I can't see depth in my imagination , and that's that. How do I develop this? I don't know. My motor skills are undeveloped, but they are developing, I know if you try hard, if I would try harder imagining things, I would have a stronger imagination.
What is perception download?

Dragonzrkool88 says:

I think the abusing of kids or animals is done to "shut off" our "don't" and our "wrong" part of our mind, so nothing is wrong anymore when we are "switched on" by a trigger

Dragonzrkool88 says:

Very true. Wait until the CASHLESS society hits, look at China. I lived in china for 6 years and see it as the model system for the future of the world under the One World Government.

Václav Čermák says:

Brilliant mind.

MrThorneycroft says:

The poor old Americans are programmed from early childhood to accept the word of authority. Saluting the flag, oath of allegiance etc. Poor sods !

terrie alexander says:

money is mind control

Ra Mighty The 1 says:

Lv ya David Icke.

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