I saw Two reptilians uncloak – Gorilla199

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Just after the “Super Moon” event of 19 th March 2011 I saw two people on the same day (one during daylight and one during the evening) apparantly lose their ability to control the colour of their face and hair. I could see by the colour of their hands, which remained normal colour, that they were both caucasian but it was what happened to both their faces, and the hair of one of them (the second one was wearing a hoodie so I couldnt see his hair), that left me in complete disbelief. The first one I saw was wearing a fox fur collar and his face and hair were a perfect match to the different colours of the fox fur. When I first saw him I thought that he was wearing face paint to look like a lion, for a party or something, but the fact that his hair was also a perfect match for the fox fur collar was too much to comprehend and that lead to me talking myself out of what I had seen. Later that same day in the evening I saw the second one, 25 miles for the place I saw the first, and he was wearing shorts and a hoodie top which was open at the front so I could see his multi paterned green and black shirt. His face took on the exact colour and paterns of the shirt. I could not see his hair because of the hoodie top but his hands and legs were visible and it was clear he was caucasian other than the amazing change to his face. This event has lead me to think and research further into the matter of so called Reptilians which Jesus Christ refers to as TARES inMatthew 13:24-30 The Parable of The Wheat and the Tares
Witnessed, Investigated and Reported by Chris Constantine
by Chris Constantine
Youtube Gorilla199
Jesus Christ is the Lord
I saw Two reptilians uncloak – by Gorilla199


steven dunkelberger says:

Is that Klingon they are speaking.

Jessie L.A. says:

I made the mistake of thinking you were a level headed christian but I agree with HeSavesMankind below, you are a shill to make them all look stupid and to give out fake masonic info. Get some help or a respectable job.

Alex Pandian says:

The Lord Has Revealed Much, About The Dark,
Impressive English Accent.
Outstanding Sir .

The Lord's Wrath Cometh.

Reese Daniel says:

Looks like they have chameleon dna ; )

Genevieve Words says:

Same here. Rob Williams on Fox 19 and Brenda (model) on QVC. I am sure there are many more in high powerful positions thru out the Country, etc.

Des Troya says:

This video deserves more thumbs down

Christopher Morrissey says:

thank you again sir. you have wise eyes that catch a lot.

judy valencia says:

I find it hard to understand what this man is saying with such a thick accent. I finally gave up.

A Microwave says:

Everyone knows it's not reptillians running us, it's the great diamond authority

Nova Krowchuk says:

I think you need to look deeper in to the birth of JC, you might find something there very shocking on your statement.

Monana Burleson says:

Don't have t.v., seen the woman reporter on web, but not the others. Great video.

ouivalerie says:

Shapeshift, chameleon, seems it might be natural reptilian dna….Shapeshift into animals is said to be already in human beings and one of those things that's not working yet in this design because of the matrix. Shapeshift of what other's see, is easier to understand. Two cops that look like twin german blonde, blue eyed might appear and I think the spaceship turns into a car, and the MIB (men in black) finally got so overdone that the pattern emerged. Two asian looking guys in black suits driving a black sedan, always showing up at places where people saw spaceships on their farm or somewhere, and running threats at them, interrogations for hours, making them promise not to talk and causing them to forget about it with further hypnosis.

The judge your watching in court, etc could be a reptilian. This is hypnosis shapeshift and works on crowds. It does not work if you take a picture they say so, people need to keep their camera's flashing and this seems to me the reason no courts in the world allow cameras.

These beings in courts that humans are ignorantly protecting might exit underground from the court house or exit in spaceships…I have no idea what they can afford to do with their time or bend time to get away safe or why, but I think, they are very busy controlling the illusion in this hologram we live in, more than controlling people's behavior.

The Iron says:

your channel is in GERMANY BLOCKED

Some D-class says:

Im here from cracked just for the halarity

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