High Ranking General confirms Reptilians are real!!!!

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There’s a conspiracy theory claiming that important political figures worldwide are nothing but disguised reptilian humanoids that secretly govern the unsuspecting human civilization. These allegations are based on several discoveries of huge underground cities in various regions of the globe, but also on local legends, cave paintings and recently an important statement coming from a high rank official.

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Stephanie In the wild says:

Beginning of video there pictures of symbols. McDonald's symbol etc. The swastika is a symbol which meaning has been changed after 1930s Jewish genocide. The ancient meaning would be day and night or prosperity and good luck. It is not a evil symbol and should be retaught for its real meaning. Originally came from India and Asia and was no part of Germany til the 1930s. Just as Freemason history has been rewritten so have symbols. We must stop conspiracies BS. And find solutions to a peaceful earth for ALL !!

TRIBUNAL 1 says:

Great vid but why aren't their mention of these creatures in modern history?

Jerome Sanders says:


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