Giuliani: We have a corrupt government

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Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani on Donald Trump, government corruption and Clinton’s alleged scandals.


jb6167 says:

I like how he talks like it's everyone else except him.

Gary bigie says:

These politicians talking corruption are all in on the corruption. What a laugh I get out of them. It's like a wolf saying he will protect the chicken coop. Hahaha!

steven stallings says:

people these days
aren't informed by voting
they're informed by media

Nellie Rutten says:

Yeah well he should know.

Mopsy 995 says:

The government probably cheated letting trump win

bear claw says:

FOX going straight to the corruption source! Giuliani ought to know all about corruption after all he's spent his career being corrupt and few understand its depths more than this scum!

BackToConstitution says:

This is the guy who knew in advance that the WTC buildings were coming down! Who told him? How did they know?
Did Giuliani ask why Larry Silverstein was able to blow up Building #7 without a demolition permit? When did Silverstein learn that his buildings were wired with demolition explosives? Why didn't Congress bring his ass before the Senate to answer the most obvious questions? The whole God damned government was in on the False Flag, inside job! Did anyone go to jail? No! Why should government sentence those in government to jail? How did the BBC know in advance that Building #7 would come down? Shouldn't they have informed Jane Standley? She looked very foolish announcing that it HAD come down when it was STILL STANDING in the background, behind her! Who writes this shit?

marsbar1965 says:

giuliani is a seedy corrupt fuck as well

Ticotech Houston says:

Said who was part of the Bush administration. pfff

ELI Melech says:

Hey Varney look up, Every reporter on hillarys payroll, just leaked on utube. See who is a part of that, we hope fox people like juan, Megyn aren't on that list….it is rigged your right Varney Giuliani, if its rigged lets call it rigged because of the unbalanced coverage, etc., stop sugar coating the situation stand up and be counted. urrah

Dennis Bouma says:

doesn.t the usa have internet?

Richard Hayduk says:

"The government is corrupt" Is this supposed to be a revaluation of sorts? All one can do or say about this is that it is unfair and accept the status quo or stand up and vote to end it with the understanding that there needs to be a lot of politicians having to go to prison. Starting with both Clinton's. This problem exists in both parties as. they like to say it's a bipartisan issue.

pokpokgei says:

oversampling. say no more.

sonofmyrighthandbjh says:

No kidding. Giuliani covered up 9/11!

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