Gil Dezer on CNBC’s Secret Lives of the Super Rich

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nosecomosellama says:

The reason why this fat cunt has money es because of his dad, who was quite famous and had (and still) bussiness with the Trump family. That's why this guy was able to become a construction developer, because his dad was already a millionare

dr FeelGood says:

1:48 Billionare and he is Fat , he does not take care of his own body , that is what I call ignorance

secrecy silence says:

nice collection that's what im talking about boss shit

Peteng 13 says:

If I saw that guy on the street I’d hand him a dollar for food. Money can’t buy….style for sure

Enony Muz says:

This is i believe the same guy that has hybrid jeep that can become a boat on water…

Dragana Mikic says:

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labidomosquito says:

All the money in the world and he has a face only a mother could love and even she's having second thoughts.

0247 0 says:

rich people should give food to African people's. They give how much they afford on their will.

James Tita says:

congradulations 720p of hight-quality

Crunch Time says:

G5 are so passe

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