Giants, Reptilians, Ancient Secret Space & Hollow Earth w/Duncan Campbell

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Today on The Kev Baker Show its part three of our series tracking the evil elites through time.

Duncan Campbell will be giving us the latest installment in the series of shows we are calling…. FROM THE ANNOUNAKI TO THE CABAL!

Part 1….
Part 2 ….

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Chris Weinert says:

The earl of Rothesay (heir to Scotland).

Do not mix up the nordic hyperboreans & the draconis…
One had blue eyes & blonde hair, the other green eyes & red hair.
Both were influenced & invaded by the Phoenicians.

Frank Wilkinson says:

I love all these weird lunatics. They brighten my day and make me so glad that I'm not the kind of idiot who actually believes that the earth is flat and that we're controlled by giant newts. One clown recently tried to tell us that the elite live in luxury on the moon and that what we see of the moon is projected onto it by huge laser projectors from earth. Which is odd, as history shows us that the moon has looked like that well before we had this miraculous technology. What is it with morons who can't accept the truth that is staring them in the eye? Why are they so stupid that they can't work out that if the moon landings never actually happened for example, that not one of the thousands of people who must have been involved has ever talked. I know, they've not talked because the lizards have killed them all! Here's a tip folks – get a life. There are no shape-shifting reptiles, there's no Illuminati, there's no New World Order, it's all in your very tiny minds.

Margaret Edwards says:

Boy this Duncan Campbell talks a lot of crap!! Where does he get this information from? Is he a time traveler? Or has just got a vivid imagination? Too crazy ! I'm supprised at keV for agreeing with his fantasy!!!total bullshit! He's destroying the truth with his fiction! Maybe that's his intention?

clar mars says:

Arizona Wilder , the trained priestess by Mengela had red hair and green eyes. David Icke interviewed her years ago.

clar mars says:

I love this info !

Margaret Edwards says:

Nice fairy stories! But too far fetched!! But entertaining!!

Donna Pierce says: end game finale' they return – dismiss this at your peril – 😧

Cat in canada says:

There were one eyed giants. Many many of them. You should watch Tim Alberinos giants series. They went to the places where one eyed giants existed and many many skeletons were found.

M Ricci says:

Great show! I have always believed in hollow earth. I found creatures on a bus in Iraq, which was Sumeria and Babylon area. I believe these creatures posing as human refugees could be from underground. three different types on the bus and one was outside and looked like an insect or ant face, I'm serious. Here is the link if you want, at the end part of the video inside the bus is where you will see them, one is even looking out the bus window. One theory is that these buses are modern day trojan horses, they are on the move and this could be an invasion of these beings or creatures. Thanks, Love you guys, God Bless

carlos guitarman says:

the sumerian tablets are 5500 years old explaining how the gods came and created mankind. genetics today shows our chromosomes no.2 and no.3 are fused together. genetic manipulation. primates have 48 chromosomes, we have 46 the same as the elohim who created mankind.genesis comes from the sumerian tablets. moses wasnt the original writer.

Robert Wall says:

The first women mentioned in the Bible is EVE, then Lilith was mentioned in the book of Isaiah. Lilith is mostly within the Hebrew texts of the Babylonian Talmud. Thought to be of Pagan origin only.

Geraldo Lesle says:

1:28:59 make sense how name for the 9th circle derivative from

Virginia Dare says:

This is a massive body of work, and someone should really condense the nuggets down into one video or audio book presentation. Because my busy life is busy enough without having to listen more than 20 minutes a stretch. And so many other videos to get to, condense this info into a bomb to blow everyone's mind and be done with it.

Nicholas Scott says:

the eastern island stone statues were once sentient beings, no joke we cannot conceive of the great things the ancient beings could harness using the earth's natural magnetic ley line intersections, a vast knowing of the universes harmonic sound frequency properties & consciousness to achieve great wonders such as, stonehenge, pyramids in egypt, bosnia literally ALL over the planet even mars. SO is it that inconceivable to think they could go one step further to infuse a stone with conscious awareness!? how far will your beLIEf systems allow you to explore? thanks for the entertaining show!

Shane Joseph says:

I thumbed down this video because the audio with concert echo filter applied sounds horrible. Strong accents and bad applied filters really make the information distorted.

rover3141 says:

You two sound lick couple of fools, yeh they are extraterrestrials. DEMONS Period

Chris Weinert says:

There were giants because there was more than twice the current levels of oxygen (found in bubbles of amber & sap), around the lower Dryas period (10,000 BC), roughly around the time of Ragnarok.

Stephan Methuselah Clark says:

…FrontRowSeatsToTheEndOfTheAge…This Earth is Rockin' and Rolling ….Matthew 24….

Weapon X5 says:

As always another great show.

Jon Dommer says:

Hey Kev, Duncan, interesting show, I just wondered if you are familiar with Mark Flynn and his book Forbidden Secrets of the Labyrinth? It goes into quite a few of the memes you are talking about on this show. You might interview him sometime. His twin brother David Flynn was also an amazing thinker before he died, he wrote the Temple in the middle of time that connects monuments on Mars to places on Earth.

Big Dick McGee says:

Serve Jesus ..not Satan Kev..don't make me bitch slap you lad

Les More says:

Listen fellas, these 'Being's' came out of the exit of Uranus ! ; )

Anne Russell says:

The earth is flat research

Margaret Corien Edwards says:

A whistle blower told of a reptilian and several grey aliens in military underground base in west of England!! Many others have told the same story!! We in Britain don't know just what's going on in these underground bases! But mi5/6 know because they threaten would be whistle blower s!!! There is no real democracy in Britain today!!

Margaret Corien Edwards says:

HAARP is responsible for volcano's eruptions same with severe storms destroying the lands worldwide!! These disaster's are not natural! The lands are destroyed to control the food supply!! Monsanto's need to sell their poisonous seeds worldwide!! China.Russia. and new Zealand won't use them! Indian farmers found to their cost how dangerous GMOs are! Costs are high and no extra yields!! Half a million Indian farmers commuted suicide because they couldn't repay the banks after buying GMOs seeds!! Food control is the aim !!

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