Get Ready for the Ships. Survivor Exposes Reptilians, Greys, Torture, Tunnels, More!

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Reptilians, Greys, Shapeshifters, Pleidians, Multi Dimensional’s, Abductiions, MILABS, Underground Base’s, High Speed Rail Systems, Cat People, Torture, Experiments, Disclosure and Physical Encounters.
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Question Everything.
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Tina Harris says:

I've been in contact with reptilians for 2 years now, not by choice. I'd love to tell you everything

reg profant says:

So how do we varify? Is this just a Hollywood con job or real?

Stanley Morgan says:

I'm sure you're a nice person but just like a lot of other people you have fallen Hook Line & Sinker for this alien deception this is all demonic it's all part of their plan to bring in the Antichrist now you can sit here and laugh about what I'm saying but it's exactly the way it's going to happen. It's not just you but thousands if not millions of other people thank that they're not humans created by God but that were either The Offspring or some alien hybrid that we used to be Neanderthal man or monkeys and that they intervened and created humans. Again this is all part of their plan to get people away from the truth that we were created by a loving God and that he's coming back soon in fact they're going to try to portray that God which by the way is Jesus, as the villain in actuality it's the other way around please do not buy this lie

John S. says:

She sounds sessy. Also, I believe her.

Max Wattage says:

Sounds like a fibber to me, whatever floats her boat and gets her attention, cause she is fucking boring as hell. Her story varies and contradicts herself a few times. Watching the X-files before bed can mess with ones head.

Elljay Moon says:

There are more nuts in this epic than the pecan plantation in the bahamian grove 😀

Elljay Moon says:

Some of my best friends are black gay Palladians. That's proof that I'm not a specist!

Riding Dirty In Oklahoma says:

This guy spends way too much time talking about himself and his credentials instead of allowing the guest to speak with fluidity…

lyrastar999 says:

i love that photo of the grey.


Took her on the ship 2010. Righto. Astrotravel ?….. taxi ?…… Wtf brother….. Come on Rex. How about I tell you something private no one else knokws . You pick your nose and wipe it on Grandmas curtains. Fucksake brother this is common CDF. Common dog fuck

howard philip says:

i wood believe in aliens over holy trinity ?

Kafa cela says:

Shes like on the exam and she knows the subject but she only knows what her friend told her what their friend said theyve seen sth but they dont know what it was… .😨😂…. . ….Sooooo "when did U c A reptalian?LAST WEEK😂……they were on top of me….it didnt last so long😂

Kafa cela says:

She sounds F A K E

Nick Jensen says:

rex you are always so funny!!!

Adrian Valentin says:

This is not some shit that doesn't happen often to someone

Adrian Valentin says:

Dam I wonder if she is telling the truth

FatherBacon24 says:

Liar. Satan rules this earth. Get right with Jesus Christ. She does speak some truth, not sure if it's her truth, and the earth is likely flat as a flat ass. 🌅

lori639 says:

It was like Afghanistan , then it was like a completely different place , I think she should get her story straight, geeze . Maybe they really did capture her, they knew she was an air head so they did not have to worry about her telling anything. LOL

Zelah Kay says:

This lady a little annoying, even though she says she is here to help, she sure is pressured, by "them". Her thoughts at times are so disorganized she sounded really scared. She really never gave a good explanation on what the Pleaidian "Myra" did, said or taught her. Neither did she said if "they" raped her and her mother. She clearly sounds like an MK Ultra victim.
Whoever did hypnosis on her at the time, didn't do it right. I will suggest for her to do hypnosis again, this time with a professional hypnotherapy person, specialized in abductions. She definitely is and has being going through some serious experiences.

Peter *Hades 313* says:

They were blue, genderless, faceless and translucent? Sounds like an sjw's wet-dream.
They aren't white, they are literally non-binary, being faceless looks don't matter at all and lastly, being translucent, i'm guessing weight isn't an issue… so no fat-shaming. LOL

Melissa Evans says:

I honestly did not hear one coherent thought from her. I listened to the whole interview just waiting for a point or something just anything and I'm so confused from all the talk but nothing being said.

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