Former Illuminati Insider: Reptilians And Clones

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Former Illuminati Insider: Reptilians And Clones world news

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Caitlyn Reveille says:

I'm an mk ultra victim since birth. Was unaware of my alters

Iily May says:

I want to now how we are going to survive when thay lock us out .when that are all safe in there bunkers what we all paid for .

Mike Glass says:

"the day will come when (((they))) wont be able to walk the streets"-Qanon "these people are sick and evil" -Qanon open ur eyes are we all awake now? just checking…


Gaga is half possessed half mentally ill?

Jen Bryant says:

Who is the girl in the white dress???? I have no clue

Jamie Arrowood says:

I see this at 86% of people I look at personally, called Guile in REVELATIONS or a Lie in REVELATIONS but it is guile, demon, fallen

RealLife Hack says:

Lady Gaga was like that too. These people are sick .

RealLife Hack says:

Just like the Wendy Williams thing . They shut down . And Katy Perry. Destroy them now . People wake up . Clones are everywhere

Optamyst says:

Trippy mashup

Optamyst says:

Robotoid malfunction or electronic mind control? Lord only knows… never take the chip or it's over for you, freedom that is.

Tony Megan says:

JESUS is KING of KING'S.. Reach 1 Teach 1… SOUL WINNER… GOD is on his throne We Win… KEEP GOD First… JESUS SAVES…

secondstarllc says:

One can pass out by locking their knees while standing. It used to happen to kids in the marching band and military personnel.

Matthew Neufer says:

"If thine eye be single you are of your father in Heaven, But if thine eye be double, You are of the wicked one, Don't you think the Lord knew ….

Davide cata says:

Demons inside

Gordana Nenkov says:

When you take it too far with the poker face xd

bigfish langille says:

We are marked the day we are born ,we all are numbered ,we all have Birth Certificates ,so microchip or whatever its done .God Bless us ALL :((

shawna Whitehead says:

God is so awesome and I thank you for allowing God to use you, To God be the Glory

james modlin says:

Thank you for blowing out my eardrums.

p B says:

Hay gente que se desmaya sabeis

scarboy says:

lady gaga trippin me tf out

Caitlyn Reveille says:

I did for awhile ended up in the psych ward

Caitlyn Reveille says:

When they fail it's because of deprogramming

Benny Chane says:

😧 talk about repetition 😕

ITS UzErN4M6 says:

Trump ain't from this world and if he is he's trying to connect the world the wrong way

Mike Kean says:

Repent! For the kingdom of almighty God is at hand!

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