Exactly What is the Cabal ? What are we confronting?

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Write down your answer, and then listen to this. Too many times, learning the terminology is the key to understanding the problem.

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MrThirteen09 says:

Mars should be left out of the lesson as you or i will never go and our planet has been raped,pillaged & abused and may revolt violently if we blindly carry on the madness march.

MrThirteen09 says:

Our leaders should be scrutinized hard and be severely punished for known or unmistakable wrong as well rewarded for good. Fight the good fight, carefully and cautiously.

MrThirteen09 says:

Obummer is a traitor and should see a short rope for ordering guillotines and fixing laws for his part in jihad against us.Just read the comments before watching anymore.A lot of disinfo comes with aliens.It's a very sketchy subject with gene splicing cameras etc.Creatures with a triple donor as well harvesting from cattle and missing persons so give a thought about where they come from and where they would take us, if we don't quit smellin shit and get our heads in the right place.

MrThirteen09 says:

I would add "military grade thermite", was painted by the art crew,onto steel beams during the nights preceding 9-11,which cheney & bush could somehow donate.Corrupt mossad soldiers were the artists.You are very right on with the rest.Had to comment after 5-9 min.Should be taught in school so we don't find ourselves on speedboat to hell in a hurry. Peace positive !

Donna Glusic says:

Tom, you say that these videos are to promote calmness and to ease people's mind about the "event". However in watching all your videos you say most people will die in this event but then you say the galactic federation is protecting us. Saying most will die is not a very comforting statement. Also, it seems I remember you stating that everyone's memories will get wiped and we won't remember anything. I don't want to forget things, especially my children. So you have just created anxiety in me. Please explain the contradictions. You probably won't but I'm hoping you will explain. You also contradict your feelings on Obama and Hillary but later videos you change your words on them. Please explain?

Immortal Burdens Official Site says:

When you get to the 911 part and you said you don't know who did it yes we do know who did it and it was orchestrated by our government all the way from the White House

Jair Castro says:

The earth is flat. Wake up.

Living and loving life says:

Are the Bush family, Clinton's, Rothschild's and the royal family humans? They don't act human in my opinion.

Mimi B says:

if i may suggest would you. onsider a more non judgmental victim vs master term such as uh 'the opposision to harmony' or something like that. cause it really is just a nasty nasty game/experiment to these fellows

Mimi B says:

Bush jr was even makin jokes on tv about finding BinLadin and those mysterious imaginary ' Weapons of mass destruction' sheesh America….gullable much?? lol

Thomas Pick says:

This man is not a believer in Jesus Christ. Therefore, he is not credible. He is not a person worth listening to.

George Romer says:

The only way to overcome the New World Order is to believe and trust in the LORD Jesus Christ. “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”
‭‭John‬ ‭14:6‬ ‭KJV‬‬

Joan Ols says:


Lorene De Amor says:

Where did your channel go?

rblibit says:

BIG Favor to ask all of you Co-Creators in our reality out there – Please set your intention to see Hurricane Irma move NORTH EAST AWAY FROM LAND to help us save lives and people's homes and the animals (and all they hold dear) in the Southeast States. We did not have enough of us to slow down and weaken Harvey (although we tried our best) – WE CAN DO IT. Each time you hear about Irma, picture it, and INTEND it to MOVE NORTH EAST. Thank you all – Love and Peace to each of you!

IvCastilla says:

All the information coming from NASA is not manipulated but FAKE..!!

Debo Ondebox says:

We NEED YOU TO SHOW PEOOF AND BACK UP EVERYTHING YOU ARE CLAIMING! Anyone can spout lies especially on YouTube!

Debo Ondebox says:

The very fact that all of this is being done in a covert manor as to say it's being done but we just can't see it makes me wonder! If this whole thing is to improve the fear level and make it go down would it not be good for it to be common knowledge for everyone?$!!!!!!!!!

Debo Ondebox says:

Has anyone thought that this site could very well be an attempt to get us to drop our gaurd and say everything is ok while the last phase of the NWO is put in place?!!!! TOTAL CONTROL!!!!

William Hicks says:

Here's how Hillary can still win!!

Jon Wayne says:

This is the biggest bunch of absolute horse malarky

Dennis Richardson says:

Will the Pleadians save humanity from these Cabal elite bankers? Horse manure

Engleman Bluenose says:


Gene Starnes says:

there starting to see throw your bull &$@$& , sorry Tom, but it is what it is.

Lillian Ballard says:

We have gone back 30+years! crazy. Yea internet. What are there names? They can"t use US unless we let them.

Lillian Ballard says:

Are you seeing any pictures?.not here.

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