David Icke talks conspiracy theories – BBC News

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David Icke is asked about conspiracy theories around 9/11 and lizards in Buckingham Palace. The former footballer and TV presenter spoke to Andrew Neil, Liz Kendall and Michael Portillo about theories. He said “much of it is backed up by hard factual information” when he looked at George Osborne and David Cameron on the EU, and what really happened over Tony Blair and the UK government’s actions over the Gulf War.

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MrAugustus says:

Thias Turk Albanian dioes blow jobs to Arabs

MrAugustus says:

his mother did blow jobs to arabs

Holly O Toole says:

Andrew Neil fuckkkk offf!!

Andrew MacDonald says:

The journalists who say "I want to believe in conspiracies" know damn well that they do happen!

Andrew MacDonald says:

So much of what he says he insightful and brilliant but, until I see someone turn into a reptile, I'll have trouble accepting that last theory.

M.K. Styllinski says:

Such a shame that David makes great points and has real courage but throws it all away on shape-shifting reptilians. Even if that were true – and it may well be – it is still a theory which cannot be remotely proven despite his protestations. Whereas so much of his research on society, economics and the military-corporate complex can be proven and thus is potentially very useful in waking people up with tangible, logical facts. The shape-shifting alien theory essentially wipes out his credibility for the vast majority of the population and does harm to those who do solid research in these areas by association. That is, essentially how counter intelligence operations work. Unfortunately despite David's very best intentions and like so many who believe they are delivering the "Biggest Secret" they were already co-opted from the start.

213 Vass says:

Listen to how intelligent the 2 on the couch think they are! A great example of brain washed lol

Nerd Guy says:

I came here only to see David icke.

Elder Paisios Prophecies says:

Sneaky questions in order to make 9/11 look like nothing to see here.
What does one story has anything to do with your other? If the same person believes him bad to Bigfoot exist does that make the 9/11 story also a conspiracy theory because it came from the same person who believes Bigfoot is alive?

Margo Kirtikar PhD says:

Silly empty headed people who do not realise that there is so much depth and history as to why and where we are today!

Mad World says:

Just look up who created the 'term conspiracy' it is a conspiracy all on it's own. It was designed to shut people up. The rabbit hole is very, very deep.


David Icke is a controlled Opposition arse Especially the Lizards crap!!!!!!!!!!!! Makes Conspiracy Theorists look like idiots

TheNineDivides says:

9/11 was an inside job

David Michaels says:

Was Icke placed in a room with three blind mice?

taha8T1 says:

quick everyone kill your children
they are lizard people trying to take over the world

J B says:

The commentator asks Mr. Icke if he's a conspiracy theorist, then the chyron below spells out "conspiracy theoritician". Is that what Nationalized Journalism means?

goutham kumar says:

Icke is the best.

Tom Pow says:

Listen here's what I'm saying, would you rather your PM potentially be a lizard, or would you just rather a guy who thinks some people are lizards, because they more or less have the moral convictions of predatory reptiles? I know who I'd vote for.

Foggy's Friend says:

People in costume I can believe. i can't believe the 'shape shifting lizard' part, which undermines all his other assertions.

Conspiracy Bullshit says:

So many conspiracy nutcases in this comment section. I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

mahnamahnadodoobedodo says:

There is no civil war in Syria. It is a U.S.-UK-NATO/SAUDI/ISRAELI armed and financed mercenary army that attacked Syria in violation of international law. These leaders of countries and other sinister people who are involved are war criminals and evil.

Historia Real says:

to give discredit to the great media called, from conspiracy theory, the undeniable truths, this is a conspiracy, with innumerable terrible tests these media

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