David Icke on Bilderberg

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Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange sits down with David Icke to get his perspective on the Bilderberg Group.

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Steve Harper says:

What a blessing to hear such insight from David!

matoko123 says:

Brilliantly put David.

Cathy Watson says:

Icke is just like Alex they are all false

nicholas says:

plz clean up sound

Armesis P says:


Aleon38 says:

what do you mean?

CrisisofConsciousness says:

david comes across as very geniune in this, personally I struggle to find genuousness in alex jones

CrisisofConsciousness says:

alien radio station

ShanobyKin says:

David Icke gives me wierd vibes with Reptilians *cough* and all the money he kinda seems to make/profit from it… I dunno just wierd dude. Alex Jones allso kinda wierd though their both "trying" to open ppls eyes which is good but these 2 charecters seem fishy to me. Maybe I'm the wierd one and questioning everything… dont beleave my words 🙂

11clarks says:

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molanan1 says:

thats so funny

MPILDN says:

his wife is in the next room with the dildo

Aleon38 says:

calm down big man

Mighty Spider says:

I dont know but I wish you'd shut up!

Aleon38 says:

what the hell is that noise in the background of the video.

Idattani says:

btw, I don't think Icke is a fan of religion himself. At least that's the impression I got from his book 'The Biggest Secret' in which he seemed to imply that all religions are just another tool to keep people divided and in conflict.

Idattani says:

Yes that's true. Not all people who believe in God are maniacal, bible-belting religionists either, but sometimes I feel the likes of Dawkins are trying to present it that way, as if there is some big kulturkampf, with religion on one side and atheists on the other. I prefer the 'you have your religion and I have mine' myself.

I wish there were more atheists who were openly critical of Israel and US foreign policy the way people of faith like Farrakhan, Ron Paul, and the Muslims are.

Vercingetorix says:

What rubbish. ALL types of people have the potential to be bad, especially those that get their beliefs from a book as depraved as the Koran.
As you've probably guessed, I'm a white, male atheist and also middle class, but guess what, I hate those that run the west too, and would end the foreign wars, promote the family, promote good virtues and tell Israel where to stick it if I ever had the power to.
Things are not so black and white.

Idattani says:

Well given that nearly all the men involved in what Icke regularly talks about (Illuminati, Zionism, Elite, warmongering, etc) are wealthy white males, I would be hesitant to adopt anything that a majority of them promote such as atheism, which usually ties in with things like a disregard for family/marriage, rampant abortion, sodomy, greed — as opposed to say the black Muslims who teach righteousness, respect, structure, support for the poor and other things that I personally value.

Vercingetorix says:

It's probably true that the majority of poor, non white people tend to be believers (there are plenty of wealthy, white, well educated believers all over the world too). But so what?
You say it's just an observation but the way you phrased; "Can you show me ONE atheist that is even black and from the ghetto?" sounds to me like you think there is something wrong with being white and well off.

Idattani says:

Because I think you'll find that almost all black people (and a majority of other people of color) who live in urban areas believe in God and an have unreserved faith in a Creator. Whereas atheists tend to live in wealthy suburbs and go to expensive schools. It's more of an observation than a point or argument, but something I have yet to get any answer from atheists on. Try telling Louis Farrakhan 'There is no God' LOL

decker james says:

hello sir are u there plasr do leave me ur number so dat i can call u when i am online okay

Vercingetorix says:

What has race or wealth got to do with anything? Why would you think that's a meaningful point?
Also, how can you possibly link atheism to Satanism. There can be no atheist Satanists by definition. If anything, THEISM has more in common with Satanism, since y' know…They actually believe in him.
And actually no I didn't, (though I am aware of Dawkins' refusal to debate WLC) my rule comes from personal experience. I often find myself wasting too much energy on people that don't deserve it.

Idattani says:

Well I've noticed that the majority of people who fiercely deny Creation and preach nothing but soulless atheism AND satanism are well-off, or wealthy white males. So what's your answer to that? Can you show me ONE atheist that is even black and from the ghetto?

By the way, I see you just copied your little rule straight from your Lord and master Richard Dawkins. LOL

Vercingetorix says:

Oh, I have plenty more, believe me, the thing is I have a rule that I am trying to stick to. It's called "Don't debate with theists, idiots or liars", and I'm afraid you fall into at least two of those categories.
But let me leave you with this, evolution IS a fact, the only thing still up for debate is the TYPE of evolution that gave rise to us. Creationism on the other hand is not even a theory, it's just wishful thinking by desperate, naive, babyish people.
Icke doesn't understand it AT ALL.

Idattani says:

That's all you have? Huffing and puffing about what is and isn't the correct definition of a 'theory'? ROFL. EVolution is not FACT. Period. I'm not denying evolution has happened within species, but to go from that to asserting that evolution is UNDENIABLY the answer to how we all got here – as you and Dawkins do is blinkered arrogance to say the least. And the to accuse Icke of not understanding evolution displays a woeful contempt for the science that you yourself hold so much faith in.

Vercingetorix says:

Hahahahahahahahaha. Do some research, pal.

Vercingetorix says:

There are multiple definitions of "theory", retard. A scientific theory is a body of work. Theories can also be facts, like the heliocentric theory.
How embarrassing.

Idattani says:

Simple chemicals? Do you really have no idea of the science behind what you preach?you expect me to believe that we all just arose from the same common ancestor as monkeys, pigs, rabbits, and fish. If you understood and studied evolution you would understand there are many gaps in it, and missing links in the evolution chain. Evolution fails to explain the origin of species from a unicellular prokaryotic common ancestor. Without the need for a creator, do you know how low that probability is?

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