David Icke – Dark Matter!!!

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David speaks the Truth!
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Art Deco says:

Is Youtube telling us all that out of 28,064 views only 303 pressed the thumbs up. Quoting Victor Meldew . " I dont believe it ". its a Friggin lie.

Art Deco says:

You musnt say the " C " word David.. They don,t exist . Like the Guy Fawkes " C " never happened.

putrikareddy reddy says:

Icke, BHAGAVATA teaches about infinite awareness and a universal soul, of which you are a part of. It teaches that you are one with God energy (universal consciousness) and the god is within you. Vedic life taught everything true and right before the aryans (sumerian/middle eastern tribal/zoroastrian daivas) migrated to Indus land and spread their malignant mind controlling traits and mixed them with our knowledge texts, destroyed the truth bearing texts and tampered and tangled our sources so bad that it took thousands of years to even undo one knot.


I really appreciate listening to you I think anything is possible but to Religion do not believe in religion for it is man-made but when it comes the in the Grace and Faith of Jesus I firmly strongly know he exist he came to me and save my life I have experienced him for myself and know the power of him and I know that he is with me in with those whether they believe or not it doesn't matter he's here to protect us whether or not what is says is true in the ancient scriptures it doesn't matter all that matters is the experience. but I totally understand what you talking about and where you coming from I want it comes to Jesus AKA Yeshua it's the most loving experience I've ever had or experienced I know exactly what the nature is or where it comes from but it doesn't really matter to me

L Bo says:

Beautiful thoughts David. Your intuition and conciousness is brilliant. Can you focus a report on Sun conciousness.

G.T. Sauer says:

Anti matter gets me uncomfortable. The belief and knowledge of the elite is beyond my concept.

Anthony Oliva says:

Dark Matter…=.Black Lives Matter…lol

howsithngin says:

There are a lot of slow people out there who might think a little technology would be a good thing for them. But it goes against nature, and that's not ever a good thing. All tech goes against nature but they want to take it to a level that will remove our humanity entirely, and I don't agree with that any more than I agree with open borders.

Pearce Fennell says:

Just like me icke say's we live in a 4%fractual hologram visible light is wot it's called created by the AIF alien invader force it's there show they run the gaff they are the masters of 3D space time 3D time space They are masters of technology wear do you think all our technology comes from I know mr icke calls them the archons but the actual name for them is the aquatic bird tribe or the nommos and they run the gaff that's wear all your 1% hybrid blood lines come from people please read the Wes penre papers journey through the multiverse levels 1 through 5 and his other material super synthetic intelligence and the transmutation of humankind a roadmap to the singularity this information will blow your fucking minds read it absorb it and you will know wot time it is David keep on doing wot you are doing you are fucking awesome bro . Peace love up

Pearce Fennell says:

Yes David so true all you are talking about humanity was created as a soul group by the mother Goddess the Queen of the stars ✨ wot we call our soul is actually called FIRE 🔥 and that is the real us the body or vehicle is wot we must use to have these experiences in 3D preople of the world we have forgotten wot we are and wear we come from we were created by the mother Goddess in the 96% multiverse which is called the KHAA dark matter and energy and all humanity is currently trapped in the 4% physical universe and we have been for a very long time 425000, 500.000 years there abouts . All set up by the mother Goddess rebel son you guessed it people his name is luicifer and 200 of his mates except there are many more on planet these beings are multidimensional and inter dimensional And since 2008 there are apparently 200.000.000 on planet earth as they are shape shifters the can take any form they desire . All this information is true and is out there for every one to read

damirzanne says:

I am so glad that I'm 50 years old, few more years of this human bull shit, and I'll be free lol

Clare Kendra says:

Is the Sunni Brotherhood not one of the 12 secret societies, i.e., Freemasonry or whatever.. The 12 Secret Societies, the 13 demonic Central Bankster families, and 147 demonic In'tl Corporations who oversee roughly 45,000 branch offices. These are all ONE god of the present world. They are the vast minority. Why do we put up with this? They are creating mayhem everywhere.

Roode Margot says:

Democratic countries behave mote communist than the communist countries.


The most important thing to take with you from a presentation by David Icke is the ability to open your mind to the possibility of
the impossible. The impossible as we have be taught since we were children, is definitely possible. You don't have to believe but can you, will you, leave a space for the possible or will the impossible keep you ignorant, and a slave.? ( I will post this Statement/Question/Message on other DAVID ICKE pages)

Jai666666666 says:

Share my thoughts…, well, David, I haven't been meditation for a few years, ever since I terrorized a squirl in the woods…, but with all this goo around…, I may just begin…, ending my thoughts once again…, stay tuned!

Valperci Nabanalan says:

Inspired from a shitty movies or tv series again

Janine Garverick says:

The more they introduce you to chaos the more you become numb to it and that's what's happening and that is why people aren't falling for their false flags and such. It can only last for so long then what will they come up with? Comfortably Numb ! They are hoping for people to come to a level of acceptance then compliance ! This is all happens in War ! A one world belief system is what they want then there won't be anymore division ! Imagine there was no heaven, imagine there was no hell below us ! No racism, no division. Just oneness ! People just aren't ready for it. However, it's the way their going about it is only creating the opposite. This is the very reason John Lennon, Martin Luther King, John Kennedy and the like have been killed because it raises people consciousness and awareness. And let's face it Israel, America and the Middle East has the biggest problems with these issues

Janine Garverick says:

How about everything just is ! Be Here Be Here Now ! It's all Energy, it's free and we're being charged for it, and now they want to try and control space ! Neither can you control ! But they will find a way I am sure. It's insane they control energy and space, let's see even time. If they would do away with all that we could really live a beautiful experience. Why wouldn't anyone want to live in peace beauty and harmony? Awareness is a experience and not a belief that's why

Janine Garverick says:

They already have been chipping for decades and ordered through the Obamanation healthcare ! That's why they wanted to instill forced government healthcare ! They have been chipping people without their knowledge during surgeries, vaccines and the like ! Wake up people and be realistic ! God is not going to save you ! "We The People" can only save each other ! All of you have been indoctrinated with belief systems put into your head for their self interests ! Educate yourself ! We are in the 21st century people grow up and become adults and stop believing everything your told and learn to question everything ! Ask yourselves, how do you know what truth really is ? Does a Truth even exists ? It's all psycho babble to shape your minds for control,money, power and control and take away your own power ! The power of the people and the lack of self responsibility and to rely on the government to do it for you. We are all self governing people, however people continue not to think for themselves, to educate yourselves, not to heal yourselves and to rise together as a unit ! The reason we are in this situation is because people want to continue to give away power and responsibility to others instead of being self reliant. So now you have Government control. Are you happy now being dictated to ? Everything is just a belief or a theory ! Indoctrination is only belief systems taught to the masses. It's all a scam not to live in peace and unity and to create division ! And every book or text has been written by a human just as the media does to manipulate people's thoughts and actions !

edwinhopkins0 says:

He has impressed hislater…not me

Robert DiPaula says:

hell the door to hell is locked from the inside God does not lock it man locks that door

Robert DiPaula says:

wrong guy doesn't threaten us he lets us know it's a reality that men send themselves into the fire. why not taking the path towards light

Norm Landry says:

There is all the difference in the world between catholic doctrine and true believers , religion and a true relationship with God. Scripture says, to know God is to love him. So we can know him and he is not the author of cruelty and suffering as religion has portrayed him . If we don't know this it's because we lack source. Just my thoughts.

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