David Icke ☼ Solidity Is An Illusion, Our Universe A Virtual Reality and The Real I

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David Icke On Ukranian Television In 2011 (Engl.)
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http://davidicke.com/headlines/we-may-be-living-in-the-matrix-says-engineer/ . http://davidicke.com/headlines/2014/11/02/
http://davidicke.com/headlines/87624- ts-about-to-blow
http://davidicke.com/headlines/87608- igital-carjackers-show-off-new-attacks


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http://davidicke.com/articles/war-and-terror-mainmenu-45/36208- 2053-nuclear-explosions-conducted-1945-1998
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coco chanel says:

thanks for the video

Joel Houghton says:

This guys opinions arent very interesting anymore. Just another pathetic white man in Britain suffering from white guilt and cowardice.

Alex Ritchie says:

So perfectly accurate…

nature love says:


Hack the Planet 41553 says:


desaiy1 says:

Vedic science gives a deep dive in this subject.. .

desaiy1 says:

concience and collective conciense is what we are… The three sates of Concience waking, sleeping and dreaming is what we define our life as.. Reality is one big illusion.. The third state of dreaming is the most realistic state, where you are the most powerful, you are able to manage time and space in this state and the ability to take dual roles as a observer and participate at the same time.. Our life is but a series of illusionary experiences… Keep exploring and seeking..

NU-B-HUN says:

Spot on David.

Stefan Seniuk says:

Awareness of the illusion of reality is regulated by an on and off switch…so often we are lost within the programming with spectacular periods of expanded awareness as we transcend into the unknown…

Faye Triano says:

He makes so much sense.

Andrew Jenery says:

At 5:44 – "Actually it only exists in our head." Really?

Shawn Farley says:

Stop trying to turn everything into a simulated robot reality where reptillians eat our brains you british cocksucker

Jim McDaniels says:

It's my understanding this is not accurate. Instead it's my understanding is that the stars are 2d but we are real and 3D.
The stars are pin holes to other dimensions, the veil.
Where and how do a group of you trap the rest of the gods of the universe reincarnating over and over again trapped in our mind machine?
This website rings so true and has helped me so much check it out and the writing to freedom http://WWW.DESTENI.ORG
Take care

Tileman75 says:

ive known since i was a kid life is a simulation, got ran over by a car and.seen the underbelly of car as hologram , also my.body and bicycle was still in the road. and the guy that yelled at made me wipe out said he took care of it and then my body and bike was gone, also another experience not long ago same man steped on my heart and i watched myself rematerialize from my shoes up, i had no visable body but i existed. whoever this man is that did this i dont know, but was same man and he has shown me reality is not what it seems however im loaded with more questions then answers, i can tell u its most likely a simulation.

The Kaveman says:

The key regardless of your belief is to remain curious and seek higher knowledge. These are interesting ideas but they are just ideas ..no more credibility than a superstition. A functional idea can illustrate it's intended view over other views. The reality for each individual is dependant on that person's knowledge and Intelligence and their ability to understand concepts. In the early days we explained experiences using demons, Gods, and angels, our knowledge was limited, primal. Now we know events like the eclipse have nothing to do with an angry God.. Your model depends on your knowledge and intelligence. If you have limited intelligence you will never trust the models handed down from science that which you do not grasp. This may prove to be foolish. Why limit your understanding to within own intelligence. You could trust a collective human, evolving intelligence which is science. Science ( a process of understanding built by many highly intelligent humans over thousands of years and always open to testing ) understands more about the "illusion of the universe " than any other form of ideology because science can build and manipulate this reality, build machines, build planes, manipulate biological organisms, and the created internet we are viewing together. It can even build mini suns and destroy matter, slow and track time ( atomic clocks and high-speed GPS satellites) . If our understanding was an illusion we could not manipulate the universe. If the ATOM is nothing then this would not be possible .. The ATOM is something .. we use it to build functional reality. I know who I rather be guided by .. As a human collective practicing science, we do not know everything but we are evolving into higher understandings, trust the scientific process.

Bitch Hoe says:

I could listen to David Icke for days on end and not get bored

Alan Ross says:

If we have come here for an experience why do children die before having time to have that experience .
Who is in control , why are they in control and what relevance does that have to us being infinite beings having one experience .
Surely, when that experience ends, we are no longer being controlled so the point becomes lost i.e. a pointless exercise.

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