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Hey everyone, I wanted to tell you guys I did an interview for film maker Chris Turner’s upcoming feature, “DON’T MENTION THE REPTILIANS”, which he made an ad for at his YouTube channel. I thought it went pretty well and I am excited because he is a professional type movie maker which published production will hopefully will broaden the exposure and free our world! We’re having an impact everyone! Thanks everyone for your support!

Here is the link to his channel videos:

UPDATE (1-7-2015): I have since been cut from the show so I will not be in movie due to a contention I had with Chris Turner about Icke and his other guests shapeshifting. To see full details please see my site page:

link to turner exchange on icke


Cole Porto says:

Look up 'The Allies of Humanity Briefings', free online, to comprehensively understand the reality and intentions of the extraterrestrial intervention. These are perhaps the most important documents in the world today.

Sourav Terran says:

those micro UFO's were spy UFO's and non manned . I do not know if any body has read the book by Orfeo M Angelucci and the book name is " The Secret of the Saucers" .Apparently the ET's have revealed everything about their Ships and their capabilities through Authors and their Books world wide . This particular book also has described different UFO's and their uses . They did it very intelligently .People who are skeptic will find the truth but/and it does not prove anything much except helping those who want to know about UFO's only .

MixtrisUFOimages says:

Do you think those metal orbs are ours accompanying the helicopter? or just curious alien related orbs?

MixtrisUFOimages says:

Interesting stuff.

serg4truth says:

Nice video and info.People like you Richard are of great interest,for obvious reasons, to the human pawns and the lizards. Take care of yourself,be aware of your surroundings, including your electronics appliances. In a planet where humans are not in control is dangerous for those searching for the truth. Their presence can not be totally hidden,and  has been  translated into "satan or the devil" so thus   the tool of fear has been implanted and personified so that you hold it in your consciousness and resist it in a non- reality mode.

Shelley Gomez says:

I think your great may the Lord bless you and keep you Richard!!!

neil goulding says:

nice one i am gona watch it soon as thanx richard 

Lynn S.H. says:

I'm glad to see your post with some exciting news.  YOU'RE having an impact! 🙂

Are you getting enough donations to see you through the month?   How are you doing since the "help" video of Aug. 28th, and your last video of Oct. 3rd?  (when you showed your old pick-up RV).   I don't want you to be in a bad way.

Trevor Regay says:

imho…..the micro orbs are creating/projecting the hologram of the helicopter and its sound….this is just a theory of mine as I have no way of proving this……interesting stuff you upload.  Thanx.

scott baker says:

I used to research these. I initialed them as ILAP. Intradimential low altitude probs.

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