Chris Hedges – The Pathology of The Super Rich

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Chris Hedges discusses his personal insights into the psychology and private behavior of the super rich and how these things relate to the state of the world today. One of the best Chris Hedges segments by far.

Originally uploaded December 5, 2013


BLUEGENE13 says:

as someone who avidly followed hedges, chomsky, west, fisk, zinn, etc. These people make good critiques of the system, but they offer zero solutions. And the solutions that are offered are often things that plainly will make the situation worse. Hedges denies looking at the other side of the coin, of what the system has indeed accomplished, and that if our current system can solve global warming nothing actually has to be done. He forgets, and denies that our system is actually very successful but uses the fact that it's not perfect as evidence that is should be changed. That is foolish.

Donald Turner says:

this interview remains so damn relevant. I witnessed and experienced Chris's description of the indoctrination of 1% children myself, first hand. #ScorchedEarthMode #ThisWhatCollapseLooksLike

keen gro says:

allowing the fossil fuel industry or corporations to determine our relationship to the environment is a form of collective insanity

enkibumbu says:

Such a valuable post. Thank you for sharing this knowledge.

naperdood says:

Ultra wealthy are multi headed monsters. They maximize political donations, which now, are all but unlimited. They lobby for laws and regulations that solely benefit them, their companies, taxes etc. They hoard grotesque amounts of FINITE wealth, keeping investments in education, infrastructure, Healthcare and myriad of other investments any fool can see that failing to do so, will stifle…. no, gut future growth in jobs filled by Americans, early mortality, and a 20th century infrastructure competing with major nations who've built, educated, and keep people healthy. We are not the best country on Earth, unless the yardstick is military might and investors taking more and more of the wealth. I know there are billionaires who see this dark, unsustainable course we're on, now at a very accelerated pace. Namely, Warren Buffet. Bloomberg, Elon Musk, etc. But where are there voices?! I hear Buffet say he was for universal health care but if he really wants his legacy to match his financial humility, he is needed ASAP, and BOLD, LOUD… and harsh. He should also make it easy for idiots to comprehende. 35 to 40 % of the U.S. is full blown f*cktard. Stop this "fiduciary responsibility" to shareholders at the expense of the thousands who work to make corp officers, boards, and investors…. richER. Unions built a middle class. Then, guess who… systematically nearly caused their extinction. EVERYONE should see Trump and (R)s for what is plain as a home invasion. They either don't see the looming crisis (but they do, Trump, probably not) or they're too concerned with pleasing republican donors, knowing they'll be dead before we implode… or hopefully, explode. Not one man or woman deserves security if they treat the 85…90% like indentured servants. When ya need food, clothes, shelter, healthcare, to stay alive, you are a slave, with a paycheck that might take care of one need. I see either a fearful kleptocratic oligarchy changing course at their last minute, or a violent revolution. They can keep kids uneducated, but one won't need a diploma to see the sh*t they served them.

Sally Blakemore says:

This is not a terror war, this is a classist war. When you have no respect for working people, you have no NATION. These smirking flakes who buy their way into power are destroying the America of immigrants, dreams and hard work. It is a deplorable and very ignorant situation where we are fighting for our rights at every turn. HealthCARE is a scream. The predators rule with entitlement and disposable people become their bottomline stats. This is not America or even the dream of having equality as a human being. They are mining us, for their data collections, marketing, scams and it will cause revolution in this country. IMPEACH both parties!

TheChats02 says:

And the corporate elite, through destroying our environment, are destroying medicines which could cure their children, great grandchildren. Medicine comes from nature. You can't buy it if nature has been destroyed–even if you're rich.

Reid Butler says:

5:25 — It's very distasteful to see, because, you know, I would go to the homes of friends of mine and watch–and let's remember they're children, 11, 12 years old, ordering around adults–their servants, their nannies.

Reid Butler says:

1:24 …we don't understand the pathology of the rich.

Mike Hunt says:

Climate change LMAO

Cyd Simone says:

"And you were dead in your trespasses and sins, in which you formerly walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, of the spirit that is now working in the sons of disobedience."(Ephesians 2:1–2) Thank you both, great report. The Popular Consciousness must rise to meet this challenge.

Samantha Scott says:

This describes many people I know very, very well. I could not understand how a certain group of people could be so inhumane, hostile, and vicious to me…. Until I realized only the most entitled, privileged, super rich, spoiled rotten brats could be such terrible human beings who regard all life around them as disposable… Because hey, anything can be bought for the right price according to them, right? I can smell riches on a person regardless of how they disguise their wealth based on how monstrous they act towards us poor people… They all have PhDs yet they do not even have kindergarten courtesy.

Raymond tovo says:

The Left is weak because it is a hate group!!

Raquel House says:

Yes, yes!!!! People become disposable! So true! The super rich are so shitty!

Deacon Verter says:

Say it with me: Theologarcracy

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