Americans say government corruption is widespread – poll

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A new Gallup poll shows that Americans believe that corruption within their government to be widespread. RT’s Anya Parampil has the details on why Americans are skeptical of the revolving door between government post and large corporations.

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Hassan El Deeb says:

America sucks

T bone says:

America's government is the most corrupt government in the world, just look at the Vietnam War.

Patrick Dolan says:

The "House" will always win.

Nopainnogain Hurts says:

40% work for government jobs leaves 60% that are not and them 60% treated bad and looked at like homeless tamps don’t blame me for what I say blame
Media they told me this

Nopainnogain Hurts says:

USA government don’t want other country’s to make nukes WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE TELLING OTHER COUNTRIES WHAT TO DO. Lucky I’m not Kim
Or put in because your new media ever spoke about my country and I’ll give you one chance only I would and will nuke you.

Nopainnogain Hurts says:

I’m talking for England we look at your county from media or photos videos or infomation on paper and we all think it’s currupt 100% also if u think we talking shit then sorry we watch your news channel I guess they feeds yo fake news and lies again currupt fuck USA keep out of England we don’t need you lies we rather have Muslims


Corrupt is putting it quite lightly

Preteen Dhillon says:

3rd world black bitch moves her head too much. Cannot stand her

Kalash Operator says:

But but the US are the "good guys."

twoyears23 says:

That all those who have done such things in the past or the present begin to be held to account, and replaced with the right people(s), and true ideals of serving the people, (Which is their job), to whom they serve. The people are the sovereign power–And that they in all these areas (government, media, banking system) are reminded just who they work for and serve. That it is such a severe punishment that it sticks to them forever and is never forgotten.

Rodney Caupp says:

Make that 76%…. This Fucking US GOVERNMENT needs to go…. To be ended, for our very lives and freedom.

Mike Wilson says:

Thomas Jefferson said when the government fears the people you have Liberty when the people fear the government you have tyranny.

Mike Wilson says:

they claim were free but we have a military police force that murders innocent people and brutalizes them everyday. not to mention the genocide the United States government commits every day all around the world.

BackToConstitution says:

Follow the money and you will ALWAYS find the rackets! Government IS organized crime!

OrionArmyAngel says:

There is no doubt that millions around the world think that the US government and its Department of Justice along with all federal investigative agencies and police departments are simply "investigating their own crimes" to declare themselves the leaders of the world in a very disrespectful evil delusion that includes an obsession on controlling the minimum possibility of the famous biblical Armageddon, an obsession that is well-known by many terrorists, including members of Al-Qaeda and ISIS, an issue that represents the real motive behind the defying actions of Saddam Hussein before and after the first Persian Gulf War and the intelligent plannings of the 911 attacks against New York Twin Towers and the Pentagon performed by Osama Bin Laden. It is not a secret that the US government and most of the federal investigators of the FBI, CIA, and Secret Service have a perverse obsession with contradicting the adequate analysis of the prophetic painting called "The Last Judgement" by Michelangelo that adornes the Altar Wall of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican which basically uses a "duality in the main characters portrayal" to accuse a very powerful dominant world government believed to be the US government of being a "false John the Baptist" that loves to "investigate its own crimes" and has been building a "false modern (orange) Jesus" and "false modern (orange) world" with not very discrete obsessions against sinners with certain significant physical richness to also build a "false Saint Lawrence" (see the image of a man that looks like Latin actor Julian Gil covering the image of Saint Lawrence in the painting) to render tribute to the "pseudo linear physical attributes and the pseudo stereotyped set of ideas" of many people that usually finish working for the entire US government, specially the federal investigative agencies and police. Based on all the overwhelming evidence that indicates that the US government has indeed an abominable widespread corruption, I do not feel very proud in claiming that I am a US citizen and in fact, I think the US government was built with a perverse promise to establish a false democracy because the US government has always allowed evil people that have big talents to act like hypocrites to take the leadership.

Vista C says:

BAIL OUT BANKS !  you PEOPLE JUST DONT GET IT ! ( It wasn't a bail out it was a buyout) they bought out all of the little banks, so there will be one bank ! one store ! one gas station ! no competition  !!! they break or buy little companies !   NOW DO YOU GET IT !!!!

rayden1231 says:

Yes, I think government corruption is widespread.  You take the government agency I used to work for (Census Bureau) and how they wrongfully fired me when I opened up a sexual harassment case against them.  I want to know why I was let go for one but not only that why the judge Davidson Momah that I spoke with via the phone concerning the case wasn't even a real US administrative Judge from any sector of our government, but yet he's signing documents.  When I looked this information up online the only Davidson Momah that was found was a sex offender and he went to jail, so if he's in jail how in the world is he signing legal documents?  I'll tell you how people and they're names are Eric Millner, Christy Scoiggins, Heidi, Tonya Davey, Mia White, Susan Riggle, Scott Applegate, and so many of the other co-workers that I filed sexual harassment charges against forged names and falsified documents.  I never could understand how an agency that already has people taken back by them would do something as stupid as this and then try to make like the victim is a terrorist.  I deserve recompense!  Then on top of that I was left homeless with my children and they hacked my phones and my yahoo/youtube, etc. accounts- it's crazy!  Just note that if something does happen to a regular Youtuber the Census Bureau at 1201 east 10th Street in Jeffersonville, IN 47132 is responsible.  Also, make sure that if you work for that branch you don't file a sexual harassment complaint because you're liable to get judge Davidson Momah to hear your case via the phone- LOL!

Peter Jung says:

Go RT, Go Anya! Keep giving them hell !

38dragoon38 says:

Thank God we've got the FREE MARKET to keep the corrupt government in check!… Err…!

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