Alien & Illuminati Connection with Kerry Cassidy

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Aliens and Illuminati are discussed with Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot, who discusses the Pleiadians and the strange phenomenon she has encountered. The connections of shared symbols between Illuminati and dark magicians like Aleister Crowley, and the more benevolent alien energies is examined in this interview clip from Buzzsaw, hosted by Sean Stone.
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MrKaili808 says:

Lol….oh shit👽👾

UfO government psychological warfare!.
Electric Universe bitches…

Jocillah Jose says:

Nataka kujoin

Hatfield313 says:

This woman is a liar

drumstick74 says:


Tyndale Israel says:

gee: "the illuminati use the silver star but so do the Pleadians" LOL

it's called "powers and principalities of darkness" and they lie all the time…
Billy also found the supposed book of Jude, was it? that seeks to exonerate Judas from betraying Christ. And when they tried to set up a commune all the egos and pride imploded it… 
Meanwhile, MUFONS Joseph Jordan has documented hundreds of cases of people ending the abduction harassment by calling on Jesus… 

dokkiro says:

I can't watch this video with lookout security on. Reason?

Dizzy says:

Ignore the haters and keep doing what you're doing Liptv.. This type of shit just scares people so they choose to ignore it,

the artist formerly known as ozzy5254 says:


Vitruvian Mind says:

If this is the cream of the crop in which the cabal has to offer, with her intelligence and general bullshit she is spouting, how were we ever controlled ?

Ian Channel says:

I have a major problem with this network and it is this anti-science and extremely conspiracy theorists centered. This network also sympathizes with religion, especially Islam in a gut wrenching way. Disgusting!

jlrockafella says:

They are demons acting as gods to feed off our energy. They will make you give it up in return for earthly pleasures. I say to hell with them.

skeptikai says:

If you listen closely enough, you can almost hear two people talking.
But don't. Just… don't.
Save yourself the 3 minutes.

Metonymy1979 says:

I'm not saying that silver picture was from Aliens…but it was Aliens.
If she is being truthful it wouldn't matter because she sounds like a nut. Couldn't the Aliens enlighten her on a way for her not to sound so crazy?

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