ALEX JONES: Responds To Being BANNED / Guests Give Thoughts

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ALEX JONES: Responds To Being BANNED / Guests Give Thoughts

deconstructed 33 says:

I love that Alex Jones thinks he's the most altruistic man of all time, he thinks he's the most righteous person ever

iam thatiam says:

They been censoring things from abroad that Australia usually watches, from around the world, slowly so it is not noticeable, but yet I have always been aware of for ten years. As subtle as it is, to me, I see you tube censoring things, if it is truth. And force us to listen to shit.

Raymond Stemmer says:

Alex Jones you suck THROBBING COCK !!!!

lilith eve says:

So what they banned Alex Jones. Fuck them. I didn’t find out about Alex or start watching his videos on YouTube or Facebook. They weren’t invented yet. I bought bootleg vhs tapes of Alex Jones and Jordan Maxwell from street vendors on 125th street in Harlem. Yes I’m black, voted for trump and I’m not happy with what I’ve seen so far in racist celebrations of trumps victory by creating all these bbq Becky’s and Charlottesville. Promote more anti racist conversations.

Dipper Dudes says:

great to see u fighting alex and are back on air. fuck these corporate cunts!! Free media speech ban my arse!!! Hes back!! well done crunch

Semper Fi says:

How do i help the resistance. You bunch of blind eyed. Bird watching idiots.

Wes House says:

It's great to see everyone come out and support Alex and Free Speech! Keep up the good work Alex and all the other tubers who are putting this up. Trump 2020

Einhorn is Finkle says:

If South Park does an episode of InfoWars it would be Classic 😅 😅 Eric Cartman as Alex Jones screw you Kyle!!! The Jews Are the Globalist don't you see they Took our Speech 😨 Took our Speech!!! Took Speech!!😷

Jay Z says:

I LOVE how america is waking up great time to be alive! MAGA 2020 #WOKEASIAN!

goodall1bay says:

YouTube turned the bell off Your channel !

Alonzo Scott says:


Jimmy McKinney says:

Why does Alex Jones get upset about internet censorship when he's also opposed to net neutrality?

Kaynos says:

I'm surprised he's taking it so well

crushingalldeceivers says:

Anyone remember the Spiderman and Elsa type videos youtube kept up for years? You know the ones that exposed kids to all kinds of potential harm made by sick people and in the daily rotation with kids videos. Yet they want to censor Alex Jones!!! LOL . Hypocrites.

ACNetwork says:

Alex Jones is a MARTYR to the globalist conspiracy!

walter A Prichard says:

I quite watching Alex yrs ago. Who is the new enemy now? Is he still demonizing NKorea, China or Iran?

AnnInFL says:

The Thought Police have banned Alex for crimethink. This is double plus un-good!!!! (I just finished reading 1984 😜. )

John Menyhard says:

If Alex Jones is banned. Then please tell me why is he. Still on here

trifecta t says:

lmao wtf was alex doing on youporn?

Elizabeth O. says:

Freedom of speech is being threatened. I don’t agree with everything Alex jones says but Americans should be free to think and choose for themselves. The elite are after freedom of speech very scary.

Hermaphrodite Community says:

people have the power of anything, just people need to be together, and we,ll confront any evil governments, stand up humans !!! deffend our freedom

jambi Jambii says:

Alex jones riding a horse on instagram? That shit is too much for our brand

KINADOE doe says:

I love you Alex

Metal Skateboarder says:

the thought police…are coming!

Fluffy Waffles says:

wooooo yeah big boy

Black Hawk says:

Alex looks so great in that Beard 🧔

Needn’t Know says:

Maybe it’s because you grew the beard Alex, as soon as the beard came through they ban you !

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