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Apple, Spotify, Facebook, and Youtube have deplatformed Alex Jones. Not only is this an attack on Free Speech, but on an entire movement against the establishment.

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2012escapee1 says:

Be an Infowarrior. Call the White House and Congress. Call into Rush, Hannity and Levin. Go to Trump rallys with Infowars signs. Get yourself on live TV, yelling Infowars! Be like Alex, be an Infowarrior.

Cobra Commander says:

The LEFT RUN Social Media Giants Blame Losing the Election, BOTH ESTABLISHMENT TRASH, on Alex Jones now, so they try and silence him as a Trial Basis for coming after everyone else ONLINE. Time to REGULATE ALL BIG BIAS SOCIAL MEDIA COMPANIES who try and silence Free Speech!

Coffee Fresh says:

What does a guy gotta do to date a girl like you.?

Leandro Perez says:

Bro this is the girl of my dreams

nineinchnailzPSN says:

16:47 the red marks on her chest morph. Conspiracy?

jay graham says:

Who am i……"i am alex jones as are all of you"

Mitchell Weedmark says:

Idk anything about Alex Jones but he seems to have a lot of valid points that are dismissed by the mainstream media because he can be silly sometimes, it's a damn shame that they can do things like that with zero repercussions

alpo 702 says:

YouTube is nothing without Alex Jones .back in 07 he was the first real person I heard on here

Steve Jones says:

Just found your channel, subscribed, Love your video! I hope you don't get banned, do you have any backup channels? is new patriot friendly video format.

Truth Course #1 says:

Not fair. Free my nigga AJ.

Jeremy Thompson says:

Ashton's boobs are legendary.

hydro1957 says:

this shit has got to be stopped

MARKSMAN108 says:

ashtontittes, plz marry me

xdrcft says:

Why have you not sat on my face yet?

Tazmania 77 says:

Amazing tits Beautiful Hair and she's aware. Yepp she's a keeper.

Littlehorse Reynolds says:


Sonodiroma Hovotatolalega says:

Good Girl! Love & Respect from Rome, Italy 👍💪👏😘

Paul Meier says:

Alex was first and who is next and they won't stop until all the free speech is shut down and they have disarmed you that the way totalitarianism works Be careful Unger because your turn is coming also do not think your safe from these people

Lucky SOB says:


Chad G says:

Speak up in your videos though. I can barely pay attention to you talking with your sweet little voice lol

Sadequs Haque says:

Alex Jones is a joke.

hoesayuchiha says:

In not really into politics, but I'm on her side boobies always right 👍


Michael Savage drummed up much support for Trump too.

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