Alex Collier 1994 (8 of 12) Reptilians Eat Humans Alive

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In 1994, Rick Keefe interviewed alien contactee Alex Collier. This is the eighth installment of the interview which had to be divided into 12 sections due to space limitations. For more details, see the following URL:


alchemist says:

I will be there soon my Sons very soon..

Staar Gaazing says:

THE GOD OF MY CHILDHOOD, before the organized churches.

Sabre says:

omg i remember the cloaked greys visiting me as a child, terrified something told me i would be ok as it sat at the end of the couch i was sleeping on and these things just dissipated all together in my kitchen near a couch i was sleeping on. i couldnt see them but i felt the malevolence. i will never forget the words or that it was a female voice that cleared my thoughts and told me as she patted my leg that i would be ok. and i know these things were NOT happy with that. i heard a high pitch sound coming from them as they dissipated into my kitchen and vanishing by some cabinets. house was also in a hot spot for ufos according to what my mom had actually seen and recorded (get this, the tapes and picture would just VANISH) these things drove my mother crazy. no one would believe her. then i started getting affected over it. she would talk about tall shadows visiting my crib as she tried to get out of sleep paralysis. she would be plagued with dreams of my death for years, things would fuck with her when she was alone (shadows, voices, even smells or getting touched, having her things moved around or doors unlocking after she locked them. little things but over time built up. but with the love i have in my soul i hope something can help heal these races who depend on such low vibrational energy. its basically a drug addiction… to feed from fear, lust, low vibrations that only benefit or sustain you temporarily and alot of times not for very long….these beings are always hungry for a reason and they are teaching this to many other races and setting examples to the point its written in through repetition type mind control and well as genetic manipulation. I think if anything is to help these beings learn they cant sustain that way it will be humans. many of us are apart of them now and its time we cast those traits from our genetics because they bodies we have shape the enlightened bodies we may or may not achieve. do not hate these beings, they already dont understand they hate themselves. we have all met for a reason and this battle is more than physical.

Ricky Farrugia says:

he seems awefully stressed out and an actor from california. he has a pony tail.

Mr Bigglesworth says:

Wait a second … isn't that a young Armand Assante…..

j. r says:

Jesus is the only way to heaven…

j. r says:

Human race is created in the image of God and was given dominion over everything on this earth.
Human was created to worship God the creator .Lucifer known as Satan rebelled against God because of pride .Satan and his demons now deceive people but God made a way .

Everyone who will believe in jesus will be saved and God will forgive their sin.

Jesus died on the cross and rose again.

HigherLevelConscious says:

At 9:40. What was that reaction?

SHAKE 1 says:


Ian Leapingwell says:

I heard this before. Reptilians eating human beings.
I will open a global chain of Reptilian only fast food diners.
It will be priced at $20 per Reptilian and on the basis All you can eat!
We will guarantee an endless supply of fresh live meat…..Muslims!
That will keep the Reptilians happy and well fed and it will also deal with our own problem….the global spread of Islam. Two birds, one stone!

Adelaida Gamez says:

Leviathans. Created before human race. They're insatiable and eat humans alive.


I'm here to read the comments of those who believe this kook

Kevin Treman says:

His body language is singing with his words, he definitely believes what he is saying.

c'est moi says:

i don't know if this is amazing and true or total bullshit and retarded.

Charisma_XP says:

Only 1800 of them? Why would we not just wipe them out?

Noemi Hooks says:

Man he's on a good one. But call it for what it is demons / pizzagate pedo's!

Jason Hanrahan says:

Garbage for conspiracy nuts.

wendie kollar says:

I think reptilians are from inner earth.

Paul Kudla says:

You know? The Bible speaks of dragon like creatures coming up out of the earth. Their leaders name is Abadon. This happens after some meteor strike. Truth is on the 40 year walk through the desert. The Bible speaks of a type of intelligent beast that lived in caves that would savagely attack the caravan. They are beneath us and have been for a long long time.

Jessica Capler says:

Try the name of Jesus the next time the Reptilian tries to harm you and let me know if it works.

Jessica Capler says:

Pray in the name of Jesus Christ. say "In the name of Jesus Christ I command you to depart from me". Jesus is Lord of all, so all creatures and creation has to obey him. Jesus Gives us power through the Holy Spirit to command anything in his name and they have to obey. All demons, all spirits aliens anything

polaris polariS says:

Theres no such thing reprilian but theres jewish human sacrifice duh¡¡¡¡

Andy Anderson says:

He had to take a timeout so he could change his shirt cause he was sweating so bad due to him trying to keep all his lies in order. Lol

Ali Jalbani says:

God talks about these beings in the Quran. The benevolent ones are Jinn and the evil ones are deamons or Shaitan. All part of a similar race that God created from the smokeless fire.

John Hawke says:

LMFAO he says no other race is better, we're all equal…then says the adomedans looks at us as royality……lol okaay

Taylor Lockhart says:

Enough with the fallen angels stuff , makes no sense. " Doesnt have free will yet disobeys" contradiction

algernon taylor says:

shid 14 foot lizard in ur head No ain't Gona get it, ur done son

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