9/11 The Reptilians and God

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As I considered the mystery of the 9/11 genocide, the who? and the why? I concluded as with the UFO cover up, there has to be a non-human cause behind it. Humans would not keep the most exciting news we could ever know, we are not alone, from their fellow humans, for ANY reason. With 9/11, there were too many expert people that had to know they were murdering thousands of Americans, that some decent person among them should not have blown the whistle.


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Richard Bruce says:

Richard Bruce Truth Ministries needs your support if you are able. Thank you!

Donate to Richard Bruce Truth Ministries:

or PayPal gift any amount to: nemai04@yahoo.com

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Richard Bruce
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Dianne Boynton says:

I use to believe that people were generally good.. Now I know better..

Dianne Boynton says:

Are all the non humans bad?

Lauren Hamilton says:

Everything seems to make sense when we consider the fact that the controllers must be non-human. Humans are actually good and would not do these horrific things to each other. They have conditioned us to believe that humans are "bad " and we can't trust each other, (with their murdering false flag attacks). All part of the divide and conquer tactic. Well, we're on to them now and their very dirty tricks! NOW to get their filthy asses off OUR beautiful Earth!!! Thanks to you, Bruce, for your important investigations.
AND I'm not one bit afraid of them!!


Mossad brought down the towers

Renate R says:

Richard Bruce is extremely moving when speaking his truth, which is also mine. At last one who establishes a major and trustworthy link between GOD and the REPTILE-THING. Thank you Bruce!!

ntc3gtr says:

I agree with you Richard

jvdnrr says:

The most educated people are not intelligent, rather they are the most indoctrinated. Level of education has nothing to do with intellect. Education is all about conformity group think, it's very mob like.

Anthony Orion says:

Richard They are back, they were here 6000 years ago, They were wiped out in the flood. Most were gone until 1920s, now theyre everywhere, They are getting things ready to roll out the Antichrist who will also be part reptilian and human. We will see Jesus in the next 12 years at most

Anthony Orion says:

It was 100 percent the Reptilian Race! Humans can NOT plan this type on such a mass scale. Try 1000 people min

Navy Seal says:

I have been on top secret bases around the world and I and friends have seen and heard some creepy things. Your always told to never talk about what your there to do or have seen. I have been in some under ground bases but always floors your not aloud to see. God is real and Jesus is our brother just ask him for help and he will. Jesus is true love.

Healing Bean says:

Hey Richard, If I want to record the footages from movies can I do that from a computer screen using a cell phone camera? Would that work like yours?

Healing Bean says:

Richard, you mention that your family members who are well educated refuse to see it. There's a reason for it. Education is meant to block our natural ability to flow from one dimension to another according to need. Education is a form of mind control which keeps the educated stuck in one state of mind which does not allow them to see reality. I have my experiences with it as well as comments from a current student who actually feels how that system kills her creativity. She's considering quitting that program at the university due to that as she's afraid to lose her creativity.

Gabby Machavelli says:

I totally believe you I've seen them I use to live with a Reptilian Host he was my roommate! They are very very real!

Richard Bruce says:

Wow! 200k views on this movie, I'm impressed! No wonder these reptoids are getting pissed!

Eric Hachey says:

what he is saying is true for real call me crazy but its true .

Eric Hachey says:

the reptilians and the ELITE did it they are here and are coming to the planet

The TruManZoo says:

love you brother. humanity thanks you for your warnings later.

Elaine Dunphy says:

I believe that 911 was an inside job & may the de!one or reptilians that done it I hope they get as very lo g time burning in hell with there so called satanic god

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